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If you want to start a blog and make money online, then you are in the right place! Welcome to Fearless Affiliate. My name is Irma and I help new bloggers to learn the ropes.

Some of the posts are quite long and detailed, so feel free to bookmark them for later 🙂 

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First you need a Niche

Choose the main topic for your online business aka your niche

  1. Find Your Niche In 15 Minutes or Less – Yes, it can be done! Try it today
  2. Find Long Tail Keywords for Your Niche – 8 amazing and helpful tools for finding great keywords.
  3. Will My Niche Idea be Profitable? – Use these 4 tips to check how viable your niche idea is.
  4. 19 Profitable Niches for Your Blog – Pick a great one and create your own successful website!
  5. What Is A Niche? – You need one for your blog
  6. Finding a Niche That Works For You – Choose a niche that you are passionate about and that will earn your website passive income.
  7. 9 Reasons Your Blog Must Have A Niche – It helps in so many areas. Here is why.
  8. 7 Tips for Finding Your Blogs Niche – Choose wisely!
  9. 7 Mistakes To Avoid When Defining Your Niche – Choosing a niche does not have to be hard. Follow these tips.
  10. Affiliate Niche Marketing Tips for Success – Merge your passion with a way to earn an income. Win-win!

Setting Up Your Website – Purchase Your Domain and Hosting

Website Hosting and purchasing a domain address for your online business are the two investments you need and are the least expensive:

  1. How to Buy a Domain – Hint- buy from someone reputable!
  2. About Free WordPress Hosting – You get what you pay for. Why free is not always better.

I recommend checking the prices for 3 year terms, as these tend to be the best value. Most website hosting companies offer “introductory” pricing so you get your best deal when your first sign up. And if you sign up for the maximum term, you get the best price.

However, you will probably not get this price again, so be aware. Many companies have pricing of less than $150 for a 3 year term, which is cheap to start a business.

With domains, the price is higher for the .com extension, but it is still under $15 a year USD.

RecommendedSiteground – The most popular website hosting that is recommended most often by my blogging friends. Prices start at $3.95 a month (competitive!). Siteground has a reputation for faster page loading speeds and great customer service

Recommended: NameCheap – Grab a domain name for your new website from NameCheap. They have top domains for as low as .88. Whenever possible, try to get a .com domain as most people type in .com automatically when searching on the internet.


  1. How To Start A Blog and Make Money Online – This is a roundup of my posts on starting a blog.
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Using WordPress: software for creating content for your website

  1. What is a Blog? – How an online journal evolved into a money making machine!
  2. Create A Blog With WordPress – The most popular platform for blogging
  3. What Makes A Successful Website? – Why your blogging platform matters.
  4. WordPress Site Optimization for Beginners – Give visitors a pleasant viewing experience.
  5. Backing up Your WordPress Website – On the off chance that something happens…

How people actually make money online:

Affiliate Marketing – Promoting other people’s products for commission income

Internet Marketing – An umbrella term for the different online business models and how to earn money with them

Email Marketing – Create a subscriber list to offer more help and useful products.

Make Money Online – Different ideas to encourage thinking outside the box

Online Business Tips – Random helpful posts