Traffic & SEO

Who wants blog traffic? I do! Some of the posts are quite long and detailed, so feel free to bookmark them for later 🙂

S.E.O and Traffic blog posts

Search Engine Optimization are the best practices from Google and for your visitors. Getting on page one with a worthy blog post requires several moving parts to get right. Learn all the top tricks in these blog posts.

Copywriting post series: (copywriting is a way of writing specifically to make conversions/sales)

  1. Copywriting for Beginners: The Basics – Learn copywriting to boost your conversion rate. It’s easier than you think!
  2. Copywriting for Landing Pages – Learn how to put together a landing page that enhances conversions.
  3. AIDA: The Copywriting Template for Bloggers – Learn to use the AIDA template to make your sales copy convert!
  4. Copywriting for Social Media Posts – Tips for copywriting success with your favorite channel!
  5. Copywriting for Online Ads – Learn how to apply copywriting to your online ads, as well as optimal image sizes.
  6. Using Analytics for Copywriting – How to find important metrics in Google Analytics, and use them to improve your copy.

General SEO concepts:

  1. 10 Easy SEO Wins – Go for the win with these 10 easy SEO tips to help you boost your rank
  2. What is Search Engine Optimization? – Learn how to do on-page SEO right from the start
  3. Top 9 SEO Tips – A few things to keep your site ranking well.
  4. Top 3 SEO Mistakes – Watch out for these mistakes!
  5. Easy Keyword Research for Beginners – Use free tools to find the best keywords for your blog posts
  6. Google Keyword Planner: A Free Keyword Tool – Learn to use Googles free keyword tool to find unique and related keywords for your writing needs.
  7. Maintaining Your WordPress Website – Give visitors a pleasant viewing experience.
  8. Backing up Your WordPress Website – On the off chance that something happens…


SEO is the number one way to bring traffic to your website, but it can take time, and in some cases years, to maintain a page one rank on Google search. There are other ways to bring visitors to your website, including using Pinterest for business, which is free. Please check the Pinterest tab in the main menu to learn how to use it for traffic.

  1. Google Analytics Tutorial – A brief tutorial to help you find the most important info for your blog.
  2. Create A Sales Funnel – This is the basis of successful affiliate marketing…the sales funnel.
  3. Avoid Summer Slump – Website traffic may be slow, but it is still out there. Get to work!
  4. 21 Proven Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website – Try these tips to increase your blog traffic
  5. 101 Great blog Post Titles That Really Work – Try these templates to create compelling headlines that attract readers

Images and Website Branding

  1. A Simple Branding Tutorial – Learn how to use free Canva to create your online brand. Useful for creating pins for Pinterest and blog post banners.
  2. Free Images For Your Website – Use these free stock images in conjunction with my tutorial for Canva to create banners, graphics, and pins for your website.
  3. Free Blogging Resources – New bloggers can save money using free resources, so try some of these!

Writing/Content Creation

An excellent way to improve SEO is to write interesting content that engages your audience, so they desire to return over and over again! Be sure to combine your content with the tips from my post (above) 10 Easy SEO Wins for best results.

  1. 10 Tips for Writing Interesting Content – Give your readers engaging content.
  2. Creating Content for your Website – Ways to get started, or break a stall, or just get ideas.
  3. Create Quality Content Quickly I very much enjoyed this course and learned how to produce content faster and easier. Try it! (review post)
  4. 30 Creative Blog Post Ideas – Like the name says. Enjoy!
  5. Writing Effective Meta Descriptions – Using the characters that Google gives you wisely.
  6. Copying vs Duplicate Content (2017)– What is the difference
  7. Keywords and What They Do – Why are keywords so important to bloggers?
  8. Jaaxy, The Ultimate SEO Keyword tool – Also shows you your site rank and your competitors keywords! FREE trial.