Pinterest for Traffic

Pinterest for traffic is the best way to gain organic visitors to your website. If you have not started using this visual search engine, then I suggest that you start today with my post on How to use Pinterest for Business .

Pinterest is by far the best, and least expensive way, to gain free, organic traffic quickly for your blog. 

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Product Reviews:

Pinteresting Strategies is my favorite Pinterest course. You will learn how to set up your Pinterest for Business account, but the gold here is how Carly uses Pinterest guidelines and analytics to make decisions on how to pin.

As Pinterest changes, Carly keeps us up-to-date on how to use the changes to our advantage. As far as I can tell, none of the other Pinterest courses I have taken or used to recommend do such a deep-dive in to how to get the most out of Pinterest. Nor are they as up-to-date.

Carly just updated this course and I will do my review of it soon, so watch for that.

Meanwhile, grab some FREE Pinterest pin templates: 7 for Canva and 5 for PicMonkey and they come with 2 training videos, a case study, and Carly’s Perfect Pins checklist.

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