Resource Library

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Hey there! Welcome to the Resource Library. Please feel free to print off any or all of the items listed below. I will add to this whenever I can!

-Irma 🙂

Copywriting Checklist – goes with the series of posts about copywriting for beginners

Google Analytics Cheatsheet – Updated with the two most important ways to look at Pinterest analytics within GA

SEO ChecklistUpdated with a new cover and more detail for each point

30 more ways to get traffic to your website – goes with the post “21 proven ways to increase traffic to your website

101 Blog Post Titles That Really Work (Swipe File) – Save time and print this one off for handy reference.


Passive Income Checklist – Most of these do not require a website or blog

Online Passive Income Opportunities Checklist – These tips are for people with a website or blog


S.M.A.R.T Goals Worksheet

Weekly Goal Planner page

What Is A Niche?

16 Niches with sub-niche ideas

Branding Worksheet

Start Pinning For Traffic  – A planning page for steps to set up Pinterest for Business

Amazing Pins ebook The basics of how to create and upload pins from your blog posts to Pinterest

Fix Your Pinterest Analytics Checklist – The steps I took to reverse my falling analytics. Please note that stats fall on Pinterest during summer, and after big holidays like Christmas. It is nothing to be alarmed about and is part of marketing

10 Things You Need To Know to Be Successful At Blogging!

15 Point Checklist for Starting A Blog


Avoiding Online Scams