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This page contains my review posts. If I think that a product is useful or helpful to bloggers, I write a review and post it here.

I will only promote products that I have personally tried and can vouch for.

I have also tried a lot of courses and products and you will not find them on this page because I do not think they are worth the money I paid for them.


DARE TO CONQUER review (formerly Billionaire Blog Club) – This is a comprehensive education system that is constantly evolving with more products. I highly recommend this program for anyone who wants a quality education on how to earn money online. I am currently a member.

You will save yourself a lot of wasted time trying to learn the correct steps for the creation of a successful money making blog or website. Do it right the first time, so that you can replicate your success over and over again. DTC contains everything that you need to create revenue streams in several ways, including course creation, sales funnels, and affiliate marketing. You do not get this with other membership programs.

Course modules are available as stand-alone units or you can join for a monthly fee to gain access to all modules (yearly price option available). The training is very high quality.

No time for my full blog post review? Click the link to be taken to the page for that module and see what the fuss is about. I think you will be impressed:

As well there is now the option to purchase two other modules that are outside of the DTC curriculum, either individually or as a bundle.

The Blog Simple Framework consists of: Blog Revenue Engines ($0 to $1K in 6 months with ads) or Authority Revenue Engines (quick wins with affiliate marketing) are for people who do not want to set up a blog and wait for SEO to create an income. Learn how to set up basic websites to create income quickly.

As with anything, I urge you to do your research before you hit the ‘buy’ button. 

Before You Buy Anything…

  1. Try Before You Buy – A guide
  2. How to Choose an Affiliate Marketing Program – There are a lot of choices, so go for it!
  3. Get Started with Clickbank! – The worlds leading promoter of digital download products

Blogging Help

  1. PINTEREST NINJA course – You not only learn how to use Pinterest, you also get branding help and how to use Facebook groups! Highly recommended.
  2. Create Content Quickly – This course helps me create 2000 words in a couple of hours.
  3. Amazon Prime Day – That great big once a year sale!
  4. Social Warfare – A social share plugin for WordPress that will save you a ton of time when scheduling to social media.
  5. Manual Pinning Simplified – If you want to pin without schedulers, then this is the course for you! Get up and running TODAY.

Blogging Bundles

These bundles are full of ebooks, ecourses, membership deals, and other useful resources for bloggers. You get far more products than you might expect for the money that you pay. All of the Ultimate Bundles products come with limited time bonus products, like two free months of Tailwind or ConvertKit etc.

UB has bundles for: bloggers, photographers, travel, productivity, essential oils, master your money, and meal planning. New bundles come out every year. If you are planning to create your own products to sell on your website, then Ultimate Bundles and The BC Stack are the places to promote your products.

I recommend becoming an affiliate of Ultimate Bundles, to get your products at 40%. You can use my link to sign up here

BC Stack (Blogging Concentrated) has one bundle per year, and also has an affiliate program and you can sign up for it here.

  1. Genius Bloggers Toolkit – Ultimate Bundles presents tools for bloggers. For sale in October for 5 days, with a flash sale in May the following year.
  2. BC Stack – Another bundle of excellent blogging products, for sale for one week in July each year.
  3. Work at Home Bundle – Also from Ultimate Bundles, but with other products to make working from home easier.

Keyword Tools

  1. Jaaxy – An excellent keyword/SEO tool to help you rank higher..


  1. Internet Dating Scams – How to identify romance scammers online
  2. How To Avoid 3 Online Marketing Scams – Scams are everywhere!
  3. Real Estate Scams – For renters, buyers or sellers.
  4. Get Rich Quick Scams – Watch out for these!

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