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These product reviews are my opinions on various blogging products that I have paid for with my own money and tried. These are not sponsored products. 

All of the following posts contain affiliate links, and so does this page. If you click a link and make a purchase, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you. Full disclosure is here.


The most important product reviews that I have are for people who want to learn how to blog “professionally” i.e full-time.

I have tried a lot of “how to make money online” courses and products and you will not find them on this page because I do not think they are worth the money I paid for them.

Odd Noodle (formerly Billionaire Blog Club) – This is a suite of blogging education products. The website has evolved a lot since the BBC days. Now you have vast resources for whatever stage your blog is at.

To introduce you to Scrivs (Paul Scrivens), check out this introduction and sign up to get your 2020 Guide to starting your blog the right way. (Blog post + FREE PDF Guide)

If you want to know what it really takes to be successful at blogging, check out the Master Workshop. (FREE)

If you want to create your own digital products to sell online, do it right the first time by following The Offer Map. You will get a ton of bonus content as well. ($37)

To Help You Research…

  1. Get Paid To Write Reviews – As long as you are purchasing products for your blog, why not earn affiliate income too?
  2. Try Before You Buy – A guide
  3. How to Choose an Affiliate Marketing Program – There are a lot of choices, so go for it!
  4. Get Started with Clickbank! – The worlds leading promoter of digital download products

Great Products

The following product reviews are for helpful items that can help any new blogger to succeed. I recommend Pinterest for free, organic traffic. And I recommend learning how to write quality content to get traffic from Google (and a good SEO course).

  1. PINTEREST NINJA course – You not only learn how to use Pinterest, you also get branding help and how to use Facebook groups! Highly recommended.
  2. Create Content Quickly – This course helps me create 2000 words in a couple of hours.
  3. Social Warfare – A social share plugin for WordPress that will save you a ton of time when scheduling to social media.
  4. Manual Pinning Simplified – If you want to pin without schedulers, then this is the course for you! Get up and running TODAY.

Keyword Tools

There are tons of free keyword tools and tons of very expensive paid keyword tools. I have tried many. Right in the middle is this product:

  1. JAAXY – This is a high quality keyword tool that will not only help you rank higher, but you can find trends with Jaaxy, spy on the competition, check out obscure niches, check your blog post rank on Google, Bing and Yahoo. And you get 30 FREE searches to check it out! win-win.

Blogging Product Bundles

What are bundles? The bundles are full of ebooks, ecourses, membership deals, and other useful resources for bloggers. You get far more products than you might expect for the money that you pay.

Ultimate Bundles 

UB has bundles for: bloggers, photographers, travel, productivity, herbs & essential oils, master your money, work from home,  and healthy meal planning. New bundles come out every year. 

My favorite product from UB is the Genius Bloggers Toolkit which is tons of helpful products for all types of bloggers. Get ebooks/ecourses on Pinterest, podcasting, organizing, record keeping & taxes, affiliate marketing, email marketing, content creation, monetization and much more.

The GBTK is only available for a few days in October during launch and in spring of the following year for a flash sale. Sign up for my newsletter to be updated on bundles.

“The Stack” aka BC Stack

(BC = Blogging Concentrated) has one bundle per year, and also has an affiliate program and you can sign up for it here.

BC Stack offers their bundle in summer each year. This bundle is quite different from GBTK in that there are a lot of live events, like a 4 week course on how to do Facebook Live that was featured in the 2019 bundle.

Make Money Online Programs with Questionable Value

  1. AWOL Academy review post – The first of the truly over-priced programs that I reviewed.
  2. Six Figure Mentors review– And I thought AWOL was expensive…

Avoiding Scams

As someone who was able to avoid being scammed out of money before it was too late, I feel qualified to help you see how scammers work.

This information can be applied to many situations, as the scammer mindset is the same everywhere…to part you from your hard earned money. Please share these posts with others who may need this information. Thank you!

  1. Internet Dating Scams – How to identify romance scammers online (identifying them was a hobby for a while lol)
  2. How To Avoid Online Marketing Scams – Scams are everywhere! Updated April 2020
  3. Real Estate Scams – For renters, buyers or sellers.
  4. Get Rich Quick Scams – Watch out for these!

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