Affiliate Disclosure


I first learned about affiliate advertising by clicking the word “Affiliates” at the bottom of a website that I was visiting. Until that time, I never knew that affiliate marketing was a “thing”.

I have made this site for beginners, like myself, and as I learn about how something works, I will write a post to teach you. I am striving to put all the basics of getting started together in one site, along with some tips and tricks that have helped me.

With that said, I do have affiliate ads on my site. If you click on the link from my page and purchase or sign up for something, I will receive a small commission or benefit, which helps to cover the costs of running this site.

This is at no cost to you. My commission is the price the advertiser is paying me to promote the product or to place the ad on my website.

I only promote affiliate products (in blog posts or newsletters), that I have personally used and that I love, or think would be a good fit for readers of my website blog posts. I try to promote items that are good for new-to-intermediate bloggers in various stages of their blogs development.

I also have several ads on my site, usually in the sidebar or footer area. These include, but are not limited to:

Google Adsense ads – banner ads on the individual post pages; ads on my blog posts

I have no control over the content of these ads. They are based on your viewing habits while online using Google Search.

My reviews are my own, and based on my experience. I write posts to share this information,and so I have various ads linked within my  posts. What I promote is based on my belief that it is a good product that I have personally used and that I think would benefit others. I am not influenced by the creator of the products that I endorse.

Links that take you to another website: I have no control over what happens when you leave my website to visit one of the affiliate product websites that I promote, and I cannot be held responsible for your data when you leave my site. Please check the privacy policy of any website that you visit from links on our website.

Thank you for visiting my site!

Irma 🙂

If you have any questions or concerns about the advertising on my pages, please contact me at or use the comment box.