Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most popular ways to earn money online. Your subscribers will be loyal and happy to try out products that you create or promote, but only if they trust you. Trust takes time, so you should get set up today and work on your know/like/trust factor.

Welcome to Fearless Affiliate. My name is Irma and I help new bloggers to learn the ropes. There is a lot to take in that first year of blogging, from choosing a niche to changing your mindset from worker bee mentality to that of successful entrepreneur.

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Email Marketing with MailerLite

I have been using MailerLite for almost 2 years and I highly recommend it. MailerLite is comparable to the more expensive ESP’s but is free for your first 1000 subscribers, which makes it affordable for everyone.

Use this affiliate link to get a $20 credit when you upgrade to a paid plan with MailerLite.

  1. How to Use MailerLite – Start using this amazing and affordable (FREE) email service provider.
  2. How to Increase Traffic on Your Blog Creating opt-in forms
  3. Achieve Your Blogging Goals with Free Email Automation – Start a relationship with people who will buy from you.
  4. How To Build An Email List Fast – Make your website an awesome place to visit.
  5. Relationship Marketing with Email– Email people, not numbers.
  6. Personalized Email Marketing for Beginners – A companion post to the one above.
  7. Getting Email Marketing Results for Beginners – Why you should start your list, how to get 1,000 fans and how to write newsletters


  1. 7 Day Auto-Responder Audit – A free 7 day email course to help improve open rates
  2. 5 days of Email Marketing Tips – Crafting subject lines, deliverability, when to mail subscribers and more.

Email with MailChimp

When I first set up email, I went with free MailChimp and I wrote these tutorials for using it. The information is still somewhat valid, but I have not updated the posts since I switched providers.

  1. How to Start and Email Marketing Campaign – Getting started with MailChimp
  2. How to Create A Lead Magnet – Creating an opt-in incentive with Beacon
  3. Create A Cheat Sheet For Your Avatar – Do you know who you are writing for?
  4. Add Your Lead Magnet To MailChimp – Connect your opt-in to MailChimp
  5. Writing Effective Email Subject Lines – How to get more opens
  6. Offer a Niche Mini-Course! – An awesome freebie!