Copying Vs. Duplicate Content

Do you know the difference between copying and duplicate content? The word duplicate content might seem to mean one thing but it actually describes another. At least according to Google, who most bloggers favor to rank their blog posts. Google has rules about duplicate content, but they are mostly talking about the instance of two … Read more

Keywords and How To Use Them

Keywords are words or phrases that people use to search in search engines. If I type ‘heritage apples’ into Google, heritage apples are my keywords for that search. And Google will come back with about 14.7 million search results for my query. If I was blogging about heritage apples, I would get traffic from people … Read more

10 Easy SEO Wins

Here are 10 Easy SEO wins that will help you rank higher and keep visitors on site longer. #Win-win! The best part is that you will see a boost in traffic very quickly with some of the tips, while others take time to help you build up your audience. Get creative and use any and … Read more