Adventures In SEO 2.0 (review)

Adventures in SEO

Welcome to my Adventures in SEO review post! Adventures in SEO was recently updated to 2.0. It is a comprehensive dig into your current SEO practices and it contains information on the proper use of keywords. There is an entire module on keywords for people who use Pinterest, but the main education is SEO for … Read more

Genius Bloggers Toolkit

Genius Bloggers Toolkit…what is it? It is the best deal on blogging products for bloggers of any niche. This years toolkit is the biggest ever, with tons of products for Pinterest, Monetization, Video and Vlogging, and many more topics. This is an amazing resource if you are looking for specific products at an amazing price … Read more

My Review of AWOL Academy

This is my AWOL Academy review. AWOL Academy is an online entrepreneurship program that promotes multiple courses designed to help you become a digital marketer. I am sorry for that long winded explanation, but trust me, it is shorter than the gobbledy-gook that is on the AWOL “About Us” page. Check this out: “That’s why we … Read more

Pinterest Ninja

Pinterest Ninja is an online course that teaches bloggers how to start using Pinterest to get blog traffic. I purchased this course at the end of December 2017, when I was desperately trying to bring traffic to my blog. If you are not using Pinterest for business yet, I encourage you to look into it. … Read more

Six Figure Mentors Review

Six Figure Mentors is a “make money online” (MMO) program with tiered education. This is common. When I first encountered this program, I wondered if this was one of the good ones. You know, a product that may not be perfect, but is helpful to people who want to work from home. Let me enlighten you … Read more

Social Warfare

We all know how important social media is to online business and encouraging your readers and customers to share your information is crucial. If you are using WordPress to run your website then you will love Social Warfare! This plugin will help get your content out to your favorite social media channels by allowing your … Read more