How To Build An Email List Fast

How to build an email list fast. What does that even mean? Today we look at how you can encourage people sign up for your list, even if they might be on the fence about you.

If you want your list to grow, you have to make it a priority and the sooner you start, the sooner you will know what works for you, and more importantly, what does not.

This post was originally published June 12th, 2018 and has been updated to be current with new information. This post may contain affiliate links. Full disclosure is here.

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But Email Marketing is so Complicated!

It seems that way in the beginning. When you take the time to set up automations and a welcome series, it may seem like…well, work.

Admit it…a lot of blogging feels that way.

But your business needs to connect to visitors and buyers. There are no successful companies who don’t make regular connections with their customers.

If you want to make a real connection with your “fans” you have to jump in and give them a way to talk to you.

Your subscribers will give you ideas for content. And they will ask questions.

This is your cue to create products that can help them. People will tell you what they want from you! What could be easier?

This is one of the connections.

Another connection is you helping your subscribers learn more through your weekly newsletter. And this is the most important connection.

If your goal is to help people, the easiest way to do that is to create products that can help people, based on what they need.

Up first:

Get A Good Quality Website Theme

But not the same one everyone else has.

My theme is Generate Press, and it was only $49. There is a free version as well but the Premium version is better for online sellers.

Generate press is a very lightweight theme, that is customizable in the same way as Gutenberg and Elementor.

GP is not bogged down with plugins or extra features you will not use.

Instead, you can add code for all the functionality you could ever want. There is a lively Facebook group that will answer any questions you have.

I set up my theme with basic customizing and left it at that. When I need to add something, I watch a YouTube video.

Benefits of Generate Press:

  • Secure and stable
  • Less than 10kb, so a small footprint
  • Top-tier speeds due to the lightweight, clean code
  • Not bogged down with bloat – extras are not there unless you want them there
  • SEO optimized
  • Accessibility ready
how to build an email list fast
PIN IT!! How To Build An Email List Fast

Getting A Fully-Functioning Auto-Responder

You hear “the list is king” from everybody. Because it’s true. Your list is your people.

You own your list.

So step one in getting a list started is choosing an email auto-responder.

Some auto-responders are: MailerLite (recommended), ConvertKit, Aweber, Constant Contact, MailChimp and others.

When I first tried email marketing, I went with MailChimp because it was free and I was experimenting.

I tried setting it up to my liking, but I got lost quickly. And the opt-in forms were plain and uninspiring.

I found MailChimp to be user-unfriendly

So I switched to MailerLite, which is much simpler (recommended product).

MailerLite is also popular among bloggers because it offers the same options as the pricey products like ConvertKit, but without the pricey tag.

You can do everything you need to connect to your peeps using MailerLite tools:

  • automations (setting up emails to go out on a schedule) and
  • embedded forms (the opt-in forms you use to capture subscribers)
  • choice of send times
  • surveys
  • timers
  • detailed send reports

MailerLite is free for your first 1,000 subscribers.

ConvertKit starts at $29 for your first 1,000 subs. Ouch.

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Remember, your subscribers belong to you. Social media may come and go, but your list is yours forever.

An important goal for serious online marketers is to have an expanding email list.

If you want to earn money from ads on your site, you need visitors giving you page views. Ad money is just the first stop on the passive income train.

Ditto for affiliate products…you need a lot of people coming into your funnel just to get one link click.

Are you trying to start coaching or a membership site? You also need tons of traffic.

List building is different

Once you get subscribers, most of them will stick around to keep getting your content.

Some will grab your freebie, hang around politely, then unsubscribe. To them: buh-bye.

But the faithful? They are going to read your stuff, buy your stuff, and help promote your stuff.

Creating and promoting your own products is where your real destination is.

If your goal is to earn an income to replace the money you earn at your 9-to-5, then email marketing is the way to go.

Because who is going to click your links? Random visitors?

That’s not a business…it’s a daydream. Sorry to be harsh but it’s true.

Every single blogger I’ve read about I know who was making full-time income in their first year did it with their own products.

Create your list > create your products > promote to your list.  Because if you have 500 people on your list, you have 500 potential buyers.

You have no idea what the random visitors who come to your site want. A freebie? Ideas for their own content?

Or were they looking for something and Google sent them to you by mistake?

So let’s attract some subscribers to build your list.

Use A Customizable pop-up

Find a pop-up that allows you to customize when it pops. MailerLite offers this.

Set it for 45 seconds after someone lands or when they get near the bottom of the blog post or are about to click away.

In theory, if someone is on your site for 45 seconds, they are likely looking around and if they like what they see they are a good candidate for an opt-in opportunity.

Make sure that yours is optimized for mobile users.

Be sure to include your best benefits on your pop-up.

  • List your popular freebies
  • If you offer coupons for first time subscribers, list it.
  • Or list any other benefit that encourages sign-ups like regular contests.

Place Your Opt-in Forms In The Right Spots

It is imperative that you give readers multiple opportunities to sign up. I didn’t believe this until I went from one opt-in forms on my home page to three on every blog post.

Boom! I increased my subscribers rapidly. So choose a few of these spots:

  • Above the fold. As soon as your page loads, visitors can see an invitation to sign up
  • In the footer. Some people do scroll right to the bottom, so invite them in as well!
  • The top and bottom of every blog post.
  • In your navigation menu – a “subscribe” tab or “proven tips”. Link to a landing page opt-in form.
  • In the sidebar if you do not have one in the header/footer. At the top, so visitors see it right away.
  • A Pop-up before they leave
  • If you have a “Feature” box in your header

You want to make it extremely easy for people to sign up, so your opt-ins should be everywhere!

Give your readers some information on who you are, and what you are about, and how you can help them as well as inviting them to stay awhile and look around!

Create An Enticing Opt-in Incentive

There are a lot of choices for these, so the sooner you start trying some out, the sooner you will discover what resonates for your people.

  • The “next steps” of a popular blog post
  • A cheat sheet – break a large post into manageable tips
  • Create a short e-book – 5 to 10 pages, including covers and intro
  • Make a spreadsheet to go with a post
  • Video training/tutorial/walkthrough
  • Webinars or audio recording
  • An email course/challenge – one lesson daily, 3 to 5 days max (longer courses can be paid products)
  • Printable planner pages or inventory checklist

You want your content upgrade to be highly relevant.

The easiest way to discover what is relevant to your subscribers is to check your Google Analytics.

Look at your last 3- and 6-month data to find your popular posts. Expand on that content.

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GDPR rules say that you must be clear about what you are offering and that you cannot make signing up mandatory to get a free item.

You can offer it as a bonus for sign up.

Testing Opt-In Incentives

Create the opt-in forms and give them a few months to work, less if you use paid ads to drive traffic.

If you don’t have much traffic you won’t get decent data. You don’t want to waste time creating incentives, so give your data time.

Yet another reason to start email marketing now.

Once you get incentives in place that work, the system runs by itself. All you need to do is promote it.

Having multiple opt-ins means that you bring in new subscribers from different areas of your website.

You can monitor the sign-up data through the dashboard of your ESP.

Start with a basic opt-in form that offers your newsletter and exclusive content.

Then create an opt-in that is specific to a blog post, like a cheat sheet that helps to expand on the post.

If you are offering a free course, you can also include useful free printable items that are included with the course as extra incentive.

Also, be discriminating with which posts you create incentives for.

We all have posts that interest us more than visitors. Be sure to create opt-in gifts that interest your visitors.

This is important if your website has been evolving from one main niche topic to another. These things happen.

So choose which topic you want to gain traffic from and use a popular post from there.

Creating content upgrades/incentives takes some time and consideration.

If you cannot put that time in, then just create a nice opt-in to your newsletter and place the code within your most popular blog posts until you can do more.

FYI: If your content upgrade does not work out, DO NOT DELETE IT. You can repurpose your cheat sheets and printable items into an e-book later on!

Write Your Email Newsletter

The idea here is to not only attract subscribers but to keep them and hopefully have these loyal subscribers share your content.

Your newsletter is the best place to share stories that show your humanity.

Show your subscribers how you get your brainstorms, or what motivated you to do something risky that resulted in something amazing.

You can share links to other websites with great, useful content.

If you know of other bloggers whose niche aligns with yours, share links.

Or share links to free workshops on topics that you have blogged about but are not an expert (yet!).

You can share links to affiliate products that you think your readers might find helpful.

You can share struggles, and ask for feedback on what they want to read. Get real and get personal (within reason) and start a dialogue.

Use Proper SEO

Good SEO = Google shares your content. Google shares = more traffic. More traffic = more sign-ups. win-win.

So the better your SEO, the more potential sign ups you will get.

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SEO is what will bring traffic in on a steady basis over the long term, and we all want this.

You also want to practice the proper use of keywords and avoid stuffing them into every sentence.

Most bloggers can write a blog post and the keywords just happen naturally.

Be sure to have them in the title of the post (the H1), and within the first paragraph. Use synonyms for H2 titles.

While we are on the subject, go back to your old posts and update anything that needs it in regards to SEO.

You can do this anytime that you learn something that you may have missed when you first started your website.

Change the date of the updated post to the current date before hitting “update”

I make a note on updated posts of when the original publish date was, just as an FYI. Some people bookmark posts and it can be a surprise when the content changes.

This allows your already crawled and indexed post to remain indexed. After you update be sure to get it re-crawled.

Share Your Posts and Incentives on Social

Grab social sharing plugin and go ahead and say yes to show the number of shares that the post has.

I am using Social Warfare on my WordPress website.

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When I switched to Social Warfare, it transferred all my social shares over from another plugin.

On some of your posts, you will see the share numbers go up and up and up.

These are posts that you want to consider offering a content upgrade for.

Make it easy for people to save your posts to Pinterest or to visit you on Facebook. You can follow me on Pinterest.

And, go to Facebook, Twitter, and any other platform that you can share your posts making sure to give your readers plenty of ways to sign up for your newsletter and bonuses.


These tips will help you get more traffic, and by extension, more subscribers. Try as many as you can.

The great thing about blogging is that you can try anything and everything, and the results make your website 100% unique. No one else will give your message quite like you will.

Blogging is work, no doubt about that.

For me, it is the most enjoyable work that I have ever done.

It can also be super frustrating. But I love it! I am learning more about who I am and my ability to problem solve…daily.

I am still reading books and watching videos on list building, and as I garner some aha moments, I will share them with you!

And once we are past this, some new challenge will arise and take up all of our time. Isn’t life great? I think so πŸ™‚

Please share this post with others who may benefit and sign up for my FREE weekly newsletter of exclusive content, tips, and free stuff for bloggers, including my Copywriting checklist.


Happy Blogging and follow me on Pinterest.

-Irma πŸ™‚

How To Build An Email List Fast

14 thoughts on “How To Build An Email List Fast”

  1. Hi Irma,
    This article is very informative. I agree and tried Mailchimp, it was ok at first but became unfriendly when I started to delete some of the contacts. I did not know that I can’t upload it back and asks me to pay. I started searching and reading more about email building and marketing so as not to waste time and came across this article.
    Thank you and Cheers to email list building!

    • Hello Sam and thank you for visiting us and I am glad that my information was helpful to you. I love MailerLite and I use it on both of my blogs because it has all the features of more expensive providers but without that awful price!

      I do not mind paying for extra quality, but I think that MailerLite has everything that I have needed so far.
      Irma πŸ™‚

  2. This was a really informative article. I am glad I came to your website. It was very helpful. Lots of great tips. I was thinking about creating an ebook few days ago. After reading your post. It motivated me even more. I will have to get started on that. Thank you for the information. I also subscribed. I am looking forward to your next article. Thank you.

    • Hello Hong and welcome to our website!

      Thank you for your very kind words and I wish you the best of luck! You will never regret getting started with email marketing as soon as possible!

      -Irma πŸ™‚

  3. Ok, this was a really great post and I am glad I ran across it. I hadn’t put much thought into an email list. I really didn’t even know where to begin. I have an email sign up form on my site, but have done absolutely nothing with it. I just wasn’t sure what to offer in a newsletter. Yet, I read this post and now I have some really great ideas. Thank you so much!

    • Hello again and thank you for visiting us,

      You are welcome and I hope that you find much success with it!!

      -Irma πŸ™‚

  4. Irma, thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge and experience with us new bloggers. I have found this article to be extremely informative and have already passed it on. I will return to it, to keep myself updated as I progress through my stages of learning.

    • Hello Rachel and thank you for visiting us today!

      You are welcome and such kind words! I am happy to help πŸ™‚

      -Irma πŸ™‚

  5. Very useful. I love to learn about every kind of digital marketing.

    • Thank you for visiting us today Michal!

      -Irma πŸ™‚

  6. Thanks for the suggestions on what to offer people who sign up for emails. I have 2 websites and 0 subscribers! I need to offer something, but I don’t know what and I don’t want to spend a lot of time creating something. You have good suggestions, but I still am not sure what to offer.

    • Hello Sandra and thank you for visiting us today!

      If you have several posts already published on one topic, you can bundle them and create an ebook. Or even several ebooks. You can put together a really nice ebook in Canva for free. If you keep the pages mostly text, it is easier for people to print off without using a ton of ink.

      I have seen plenty of freebies that are only one page checklists or guides. If you want to do that, just recommend your favorite items or a “how to shop/buy” type of guide.

      If you do not have time right now, just re-do your opt-in box with a more enticing call to action i.e Yes! I want in!. Be sure to say that they will get exclusive content as well.

      -Irma πŸ™‚

  7. This is very informative and useful article. I still haven’t created an e-book for opt-in that I intended to and now I see your idea about email course and email challenge. That sounds even better than an ebook and it’s something to think about. Thanks for a great read and keep up a good work on your site. Cheers!

    • Hello Blanka and thank you for visiting us today!

      Yes, I never thought about that one either, but now I cannot stop thinking about it and I am working on a course as well. Best of luck to you!

      -Irma πŸ™‚


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