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SEO – Increase your traffic and trust!

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, with the main point here being OPTIMIZATION and it is what bloggers do to rank higher in search engines. Google ranks by authority and relevance, which you can achieve with quality content and fully researched topics.

Google is always working on ways to improve the results when a user searches. When the Hummingbird algorithm came out, it was made to analyze and rank content in terms of topics as opposed to keywords. This means that Google will rank you better if your content is fully explored. Longer, more detailed posts are the way to go now, so you will need to do your homework and answer the 5 w’s, and essentially become a true “authority” in all of your posts to get the most from Google’s algorithms.

You should always make quality, engaging content your number one priority. Writing from the heart is the most important aspect of blogging. Sharing your knowledge is important to the world and teaching others gives us a sense of purpose.


Help me improve my SEO!!


1: If you want to grow traffic to your website, you are going to want Google to be able to find it and to be able to send user’s to you. SEO connects you to someone looking for you, and makes your website user friendly, faster and easier to navigate.

2: You must be clear about what your audience is looking for, and how you can provide it in a sea of competition. There are over 3 billion people online EVERY DAY, so you need to know who these searchers are and how to attract their attention. Researching your topic thoroughly is the best way to get started. Optimizing your posts to improve SEO is next.

3: What is the one main idea for your post? Use Google to see what kinds of questions people ask about it. Go to Google, and start typing in your idea. Watch to see the results that pop up before you finish your keyword/s. And be sure to check out the bottom of the page for “Searches related to…” which shows highlighted keywords. Also use the alphabet soup technique for discovering interesting content ideas. Giving visitors the best and most authoritative experience will bring them back again, and that is the point of SEO.


Yes, how effective is SEO anyway??

SEO is extremely effective if you create content that:

1: Correctly matches the post’s title. Do not make the mistake of using a juicy title to intrigue visitors and then not have the content to match! If you have done your homework, you should know enough about your subject to write 750 to 3000 words or more, effectively using your keyword.

2: Write posts that use a normal, conversational tone that matches a user’s ability to search using voice, which is more natural sounding. Have your post give off an air of a casual, friendly speaker giving the reader the information that they need and are searching for, which will offer trust to the visitor. Use common search terms and front load them into your title

3: As you climb the ranks with Google, you will naturally increase the traffic to your site. This will create brand awareness, which also translates into more visitors, and more site trust. Continually tweaking your SEO is cost effective marketing since you are constantly using the most current information to improve traffic. Just by the fact that you are using Google to search means you are getting information on what people around the world are asking about!


SEO is made for friendly sites!

1: Place keywords strategically, but do not overload your post with them!! Create your post organically from your research; write content as if you are writing to inform an old friend of some useful information. This does not mean that you can ignore spelling and grammar, but you can be informal in your tone.

2: Do not copy your content from other authors. Create your posts, in your words, and with the intent to engage and entertain visitors. You want these people to return, and they will if they trust the content on your site and they trust YOU. Build a relationship with the people who visit by giving them interesting content to read and follow up on, and increase your traffic naturally.

3: Include Meta and title tags. Those boxes are there for a reason, and these are great places to use your keywords without looking like a spammer. Make them short, unique and descriptive. Optimized tags increase the click through rate, which also increases traffic.

Bonus tip: Optimize your site map. Google ranks pages, not websites. Optimize your current page and then go back and do what you can to optimize your older posts.

Creating posts that are funny, timely and interesting is the best thing that you can do for your website, and it is the top priority for SEO. You can also link your posts to your G+ account for a little boost because Google indexes shared Google+ content very quickly! Social media is not going away for a while and this is a cheap and cheerful way for others to find you.

I hope that this post has been useful to you. Please write your comments or suggestions in the box below. I value your privacy and will not share your information with anyone.

14 thoughts on “Top 9 SEO Tips!”

  1. Hi Irma, great post. I see now, there are some ways to improve my organic search results. To get an authority needs time but I guess that is what we have time for:)
    The G+ trick works great, my posts are on the first page in a Google search for about 24-48 hours and I do get some visitors because of that.
    What I have to work at the most is my content. To write about a particular product 1000-2000 words is not easy but you said I should research what people want to know so that is where I’m going to spend more time.
    Thanks for the tips and see you

    1. Hi Stefan and thanks for dropping by!

      Be sure to check your analytics to see if most of your visitors are using PC/Mac or mobile. If most of your visitors are on mobile, then shorter posts are better since people do not like to read long posts on a tiny screen. For me, it is majority PC.

      Irma 🙂

      1. Hello again, It is fun to hover over your website over again. I have worked a lot in the last months and a lot I learned from you has influenced my posts.
        Most of my visitors are using the PC as well but just today I read, to make the website mobile friendly is very important to Google SEO.
        When I read this article today again, I again found something I have to do better, the search suggestions at the bottom of the google search, I totally forgot them lol.
        See you later, Stefan

        1. Hi Stefan…great to see you here again!

          I really appreciate your kind words and I am glad that you are finding my posts helpful, as that is my main goal here.

          SEO is a good habit to get into, and I am finding it to be second nature now. There was a time when I thought it was fluff, and it seemed to take the fun out having a website, but I know that those who came before me are doing their best to be helpful to all the new marketers out there, and I, for one, am glad that they are!

          Irma 🙂

  2. Excellent SEO tips, i will definitely be using them for my own website, i’ve been trying to rank my pages for months now without much success, i believe using these tactics will definitely help to do the jobs, do you have any other suggestions, how many pages should i be making? thanks for the useful information,


    1. Hi Mark and thank you for visiting.

      I think you should make as many pages as your authority with the site will allow. There is so much to share with others, and many websites have hundreds of posts. Keep working on writing quality content, that is engaging and easy to understand and people will come. You never know which page will be the one that starts the traffic flowing to your site, but one thing that everyone agrees on is that it takes time! Have faith, and believe that what you are doing is the right thing for you!

      Irma 🙂

  3. As a blogger, I had struggled with Search Engine Optimization for a long time because I just could not get my head around it. There just seemed to be too many moving parts and couldn’t find the right training I needed for crushing it in Google, Yahoo, and Bing, and attracting LOTS of targeted organic free traffic.

    But looking through your 9 SEO tips here, it has now put things into perspective for me. Thinking about my site now, I think I’ve gone a little wide with my audience, so I think I need to narrow it down and start writing the type of articles that will bring in some targeted visitors.

    Thanks also for the G+ tip because this is something I definitely need to look into to help with my rankings. I noticed you also mentioned strategically placing keywords, but is there a keyword tool you would recommend for finding those keywords? I’ve come across a number of tools, but they’re costly and the metrics are also confusing.


    1. Hi Neil and thank you for visiting my page today!

      I, too, found SEO confusing. There are many more tips than just the 9 I wrote about, but it does get challenging for new affiliate marketers. What to focus on first? Then what? The more I researched, the more I found that new bloggers should be focusing solely on QUALITY CONTENT, with posts of around 1000 to 1500 words. Trying to engage readers is the number one priority for a new blogger. As the traffic comes, then you can start working on improving SEO, but if you have traffic then your SEO is obviously working! Kind of a catch-22.

      Personally, I use the free keyword tool at the Wealthy Affiliate site, because I am a member and it is a free tool lol. I also really like the Jaaxy keyword tool, as it gives me the most information about the keyword that I am searching. With the red, yellow, and green “keyword quality” information I know right away whether my blog post idea is one I should be pursuing or not.

      I know when I started my website, that I had dreams of making millions in my first year, but I now realize that time is what really defines your website. I put myself on a regular posting schedule. I choose posts based on my 3 main page ideas, and I just rotate through those trying to write content that is helpful for beginners, like myself. I got rid of some of my affiliate ads because they are distracting to readers. I am trying to focus on making a pleasant experience for visitors. Over time, this will be what improves my ranking.

      I hope this helps!
      Irma 🙂

  4. Great, very awesome post that goes into full detailed about how do get your website SEO ready and how to attract traffic to our website. This is the kind of information that I know your readers will love.

  5. Thanks for the overview of SEO tips – as a beginner, it’s so much to keep track of, but over time it really starts to matter if you did everything right the first time around! I need to hear the thing about keeping my posts “conversational” and in natural language over and over – one of these days it’ll sink in!

    1. Hi Penny and thank you for stopping by!

      I have the same problem, and yet I know from visiting my favorite blogs that a friendly, casual tone is much more fun to read. Practice makes perfect!

      Irma 🙂

  6. Wow! Very informative and explains to me exactly why SEO is important if I want to attract traffic to my website. By far one of the best explanations I’ve come across, that doesn’t require 30 minutes to read! Thank you so much for sharing this!

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