Create Your Blogging Millionaire Mindset

Today is the day that you create your blogging millionaire mindset! After reading this post, you’ll have the tools to switch your thinking to that of a successful blogger/soon to be blogging millionaire.

Because that is what I want for you.

I was watching “The Adjustment Bureau” last night and thinking of how great it would be if there was a group of people watching out for all of us. They just wait in the wings, ready to spill coffee on us, which then causes us to “do this instead of that” thereby changing our life.

If only they would show up before we learn to use words like “can’t”.

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Changing To a Millionaire Mindset

We start learning so many bad habits when we are very young.

Hearing statements like “We don’t have the money for that” or “Money does not grow on trees” are common across all demographics.

What is behind these words is also common…the word CAN’T. Can’t afford, can’t do this, can’t do that. It implies that something is out of our reach, and in many cases this is just not true.

What we’ve got here is failure to communicate…(thanks Cool Hand Luke!)

Ask anyone in the personal development world whether you can or cannot do something and they will quote Henry Ford:

“Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right”.

This was quite an eye-opener for me personally, because I was raised with lack mentality and a poverty mindset. I am not blaming, I just finally saw the light!

In his book “Think and Grow Rich”, Napoleon Hill tells us about how his son was born with “no physical sign of ears” and doctors told his parents that he would might be deaf and mute for life.

However, Hill had other ideas.

Hill desired that his son would be able to hear.

With that mind-set, Hill observed all the things that his son, Blair, did that contradicted that diagnosis, and made it his full-time job to encourage his son that he could hear and speak, and that his deformity would not hold him back.

Hill instilled in his son the desire to succeed regardless of circumstances!

Create Your Blogging Millionaire Mindset
PIN IT!! Create Your Blogging Millionaire Mindset

First, Desire A Change To A Millionaire Mindset

Photo of the words im and possibleI desire to win the lottery…now what?? Ok, well not really.

I mean it might be nice, but I would rather have a steady stream of money flowing into my life that I am in control of.

With the odds of still having some of the lottery money two years after the win as highly unlikely to nil, I am going for the long game here. How about you?

But where to start the change?

One way, is to take those old stories from your past, and turn them around:

  • “We don’t have money for that” becomes “I always have more than enough money”
  • “Money doesn’t grow on trees” becomes “Money is always plentiful”.

All you’re doing is changing the way you look at things and giving them a positive outcome.

These are called ‘affirmations’ because we are affirming what we want.

Affirmations are usually stated in present tense, such as “money is always plentiful”.

Write it down. Look at it daily. Say it out loud or in your head whenever you look at it. Simple no?

Focus on having it now, in the present tense…not wanting it, but already having it!

It may seem silly or strange, and I started running out of sticky notes in my bedroom when doing this, but it does work.

And when you realize that it does work, you’ll discover that you can change your mindset about anything.

You just need to tap in to those negative statements about money and change them to positives, and then keep reinforcing the positive message into your subconscious.

You don’t even need to know what the negative statements are, just start focusing on positives.

If you think this sounds weird or strange, consider what your negative mindset is doing for your life.

I watched an old movie from 1960 called Pollyanna, because i’ve heard of optimistic people being called “pollyannas” and I wondered why.

This girl was an orphan, and when her parents passed away she was sent to live with her unmarried aunt.

Pollyanna could have been feeling sorry for herself and her life, but instead she tried to find something to be glad about in every situation. Now that’s the spirit!

This is not a quick fix and I will caution you that it does not happen overnight.

But as you start to make changes, better things start happening for you…so start now!

It will help you to write down any positives about money that happen in your life after you start changing your thinking.

If you keep track of gifts you receive, amounts of cash coming to you that you were not expecting, or someone offering to help you fix your car for free, thank your positive thinking

Do not dismiss these gifts as inconsequential

These are signs from God/Spirit/universe that things are moving in the direction that you seek.

If you keep track of all of these events and then look back on them, you will see a pattern of things getting better!

There Are No Mistakes When Changing Your Mindset

While changing your mindset is a fluid, ongoing process, mistakes will be made. Priority one to keep in mind is that mistakes happen.

Mistakes are not bad or wrong, they are just feedback. They give you information so that you can course-correct, and try something else.

If you are having problems with your blogging, such as a lack of traffic or no money coming in yet, that is a sign to make some tweaks in your process.

Try to resist making a lot of changes to your website at one time.

It can be hard to figure out which things are working and which are not.

Make one change at a time, and monitor the result over a period of weeks.

Take into consideration what is going on in the world, for example the season.

Summer is a time for people to be at the beach or on vacation so your traffic may slow down in summer.

Same goes for winter holidays when people are busy celebrating.

Do not beat yourself up if you discover that you have made a mistake, just assess it for what it is, and move on.

It is imperative that you remain on your own side during this process.

You must be your own best friend, cheerleader, and advisor. You must make the decision to get up, brush yourself off, and carry on with this new information.

As long as you are on your own side, you will always have one person in your corner. So many millionaires stumble into wealth while creating something to save themselves time. They trusted their gut and moved forward from intuition to creation.

Listen to your own intuition when changing to a wealth mindset.

No one pays for your mistakes except you. Get used to doing all the deciding for yourself, and do it from a place of love and patience.

You want the best for you, right? Make decisions that move you towards your own goals.

Find Millionaire Mindset People To Hang With

If you want a successful wealth mindset, then you need to associate with people who already have that going for them. Then you can learn from them.

“You are the average of the five people that you spend the most time with” – Jim Rohn

This means that spending time with people who are where you want to be, is beneficial to you.

Napoleon Hill encouraged people reading his book to start a “mastermind” group of like-minded individuals, so you can bounce ideas off of each other, as well as sharing resources.

If you can, find a local group, but if that is not an option, then look for groups online, such as Facebook or MeetUp.

An easy jumping off point is to find blogs that are similar to yours, and start visiting them and adding comments.

Get a dialogue going with other bloggers and try to make some kind of connection. Read the “About Me” of your fellow blogger, and see if you have things in common (aside from blogging).

They may be able to give you some tips or tricks that they have used to increase traffic. This is better than just reading articles on the internet on ways to increase your stats.

You can also observe how their site measures up to yours.

Are they using more compelling post titles? Are their posts a lot longer than yours…or shorter?

After you have an established relationship with some of your compatriots, ask them to write a guest post.

If they are successful with their blogs, some of their traffic will likely come to your site to read the post. Hopefully you can gain some traffic and perhaps sales that way.

If your new blogger friends offer criticism, take it at face value.

Remember that you are responsible for what is happening on your blog. Again, I would caution not to make too many changes at one time, regardless of who is suggesting the change.


I hope this has been helpful. I know for myself, that working on making my own mindset more positive has helped me see that there is hope after losing my job. I was directed to start a blog and here I am! Learning, learning, learning 🙂

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Please share your thoughts about this post in the comments section below. I am always interested in how people feel about Law of Attraction-type posts. As well, if you have any personal stories to share on how changing your mindset has impacted your life, please bring them forward!! I would love to read them 🙂

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Happy blogging,

-Irma 🙂

Create Your Blogging Millionaire Mindset

15 thoughts on “Create Your Blogging Millionaire Mindset”

  1. I absolutely love this post. Are you familiar with a man by the name of Earl Nightingale? He once interviewed Napoleon Hill on one of his broadcasting. “Think and grow rich” is something that has truly resonated in my life.

    I use to fill my head full of doubt and useless thoughts, ones that were only beating me down, and was going nowhere in life.

    I still have no idea how i discovered the gentleman named above but i’m glad i did.

    All it takes is a shift in attitude. For most people, this is absurd and i be they’re thinking to themselves that there is no way this can be the answer to their problems.

    Well, like you said “how far had your negative thinking got you?”

    The key is to make a clear defined goal and work towards that each and every day. For me, i want to have a successful online business so i tell myself “I want to make $10,000.00 a month by April 25th 2020. I am going to create content that connect people with products that they are searching for.

    I work towards this dream each and every day.

    Also like you said, you need to train your mind to do away with the bad thoughts and for you to have control over your mind. It does take sometime but never doubt the power of the subconscious.

    We do not need to know the details that is the universes job. All we need to do is have unwavering faith and take action when the moment arises.

    • Hi Justin, and thank you for stopping by!

      Amazing! You are mirroring my thoughts exactly! I have just been reading a blog post about finding something to feel really good about and using that feeling as the bottom rung on a ladder that leads to more good feelings. This is how I hope to train my mind! We must choose our goals and believe that we can achieve them!

      Irma 🙂

    • Hello Justin and thank you for stopping by!

      I 100% agree with you! I have just been reading a post about how we need to try to bring up a good feeling from our life (seeing your new baby for example) and use that feeling as the lower rung on a ladder. Then we try to keep finding more good feelings to create more rungs, until you are feeling good most of the time. It will reward you with more to feel good about!
      Best of luck with your goals! I know that you will be successful!

      Irma 🙂

  2. This one article I would recommend for reading. Simply because it rasing the consciousness of anyone who needs to become more self-aware of why they were put on this earth.

    • Hello Maurice, and thank you for stopping by today!

      And if we are all helping to raise the vibration of the world, what a wonderful world it will be!!

      Irma 🙂

  3. Hello and thanks for sharing success begins in the mind and every success story had to make adjustment along the way. There is no such thing as making a plan and following that plan to the letter. In there somewhere you will have to make the adjustment but the end result is still success as you see your plan through. Thanks again for sharing this awesome post.

    • Hi Norman, and thank you for dropping by!

      Yes, and as long as we learn from our mistakes and keep moving forward we have every chance of success!

      Irma 🙂

  4. Interesting, very interesting read indeed. I’m totally for your idea about making streams of income on a frequent basis rather than winning the lottery. I have BIG dreams, and winning the lottery would definitely be nice, but I would probably just waste it all. However, “working” my way up gives me more self-control over my capital so I don’t end up wasting it. Thanks for the article.

    • Hi Brandon, and thank you for stopping by today!

      I was never one for lottery tickets…I always forgot to buy them lol. I read an article by Louise Hay, and in it she said that buying lottery tickets is part of poverty consciousness. The idea that your life can only be good if you rely on a chance win. That really resonated with me, and I have been trying to fix that part of my thinking. Working on feeling good and attracting more good things has really worked for me!

      Irma 🙂

  5. Well any time you’re gonna throw in a Cool Hand Luke comment, you’ve got my attention lol. You’re mindset and desire is everything. Mistakes will be made. There will be times of wanting to give up or at the very least just be lazy. make the decision to persevere. Good article

    • Hi Jeremy, and thank you for stopping by!

      That was and still is my error at times…succumbing to negativity when I make a mistake. “Make the decision to persevere” Best advice ever!! Thank you.

      Irma 🙂

  6. very interesting post. I agree, I think our state of mind and the perspective we have can really influence our success in life. having a positive attitude attracts positive people, as well as positive results. i think the same is true for negative attitudes. I know it can be tough to have a positive attitude when things are not going your way, but I think there this article provides some good advice on how to make the effort to stay positive, even when things are tough. it will definitely help! thanks for the post!

    • Hello Will, and thank you for stopping by!

      I appreciate your comments. Sometimes negative thoughts seem to perpetuate themselves. I believe that staying strong and positive leads us to make decisions that will benefit us, whereas negative thoughts cause us to spin our wheels.

      Irma 🙂

  7. The best part I like about this article that I agree with is that you will make mistakes. I use to beat my self up so bad when I was younger I though I was a failure but now I am older I love the challenges of learning by my mistakes. As long as I am learning I am moving forward in my life. Thanks for the great article.

    • Hi James, and thank you for stopping by!

      I love that! “As long as I am learning, I am moving forward in my life”. Staying positive is a life lesson! Thank you 🙂

      Irma 🙂


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