Being The Person That You Want To Be

Hello and welcome to part three of Creating Your Best Year Ever!

After you clear the clutter in your mind and find ways to deal with your negative emotions and past history, you end up with sense of peace of mind…or at least I did.

All that is left for me now is to keep on top of things (emotionally) and to be genuinely happy and successful.

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For me, being happy is not stressing the little things. I stopped watching the news for the longest time just to avoid the negativity. When I watch the news now, it is more to see if I am missing something. And usually I am not.

And success? To me, success is about whether I have helped anyone or done some good for humanity. That may sound lofty, but ultimately it is my purpose in life. We all have gifts to bring to the table, so if I am not helping the world in some way then I do not think that I am doing my part.

As a big fan of the Law of Attraction, I like to keep up on what my favorite practitioners of LOA are doing. One of those is Bob Doyle , who was a featured teacher in the movie “The Secret”. The other is Ed Lester , who I found via a Facebook post. Both of these guys offer lots of great, free resources for improving your life.

The main premise of LOA is choosing positive feelings over negative ones. And choosing what you want your life to look like based on how you want to feel while living it.

You can dream about winning the lottery all you want, but if you spend your time grumbling and complaining, and dare I say, watching the news and letting it bother you, your chances are fourteen million to one. Not great odds.

Whereas, if you focus on finding the joy in life, seeking peace, being grateful for what you have, and giving to others because of your own bounty, awesome ideas on ways to make a million dollars will just show up for you. You do not have to do anything, except feel good.


It took me a while to get on the same page as this information, but that is what is happening in my life right now. I actively choose to feel good and I clearly set my goals and intentions for what I want my life to be like.

For example, I have been avoiding learning about promoting my website with social media for no other reason than that I have read a lot of plusses and minuses about it. Some people do really well with it, and (most) others do not. One thing that most people can agree on is that there must be a way to be successful with social media without spending any money.

I have a sticky note on my computer monitor that says “What is the next step that I should take to move myself forward”. This is a reminder for all parts of my life, but particularly my website. What should I do next? What is the next step to take?

So I asked myself “what is the next step that I need to take with social media? How can I use it to help me present my information to the world?” And then, the opportunity to take a mini-course just showed up. I looked around online and most of the other courses like this were much more expensive. Normally I might think that a cheaper price means cheaper quality, but I did not think that this time. And I could not stop thinking that I really should grab this course.

There was a bit of a price drop for New Years as well, so I signed up. What I got was a fairly large e-book and a ton of downloadable stuff. And some really good information about steps that I can take to move my website forward. And a bunch of stuff about social media.

The biggest benefit of purchasing the course was that it showed me that I have some other work to do before I can implement what the course has to teach on social media and how to use it. A lot of work.

Being the person that you want to be
PIN IT! Being the person that you want to be

That is gold to me

And that is the beauty of feeling good and having clear goals. I asked myself what to do. My intuition told me to purchase this product, and I did. And now I am learning tons of stuff, improving my website, changing how I present information, and this will give my visitors a better experience.

And this is just one example. This kind of experience keeps happening over and over again. And the benefits that I am receiving are proportionate to how positive I am thinking and feeling.

I have a new motivation to keep going, as well as confirmation that I am moving in the right direction. What could be better? I know that what I am learning will benefit every area of my life. If I lost everything, I could get it all back because of the great stuff that I am learning.

Choose to be happy.

Choose to focus on the results that you want.

Choose gratitude.

Choose to serve others.

And by this I mean, give. But only give if you feel like it. Give with a glad heart. Give because you want to help. Do not give because you feel obligated to, which is a negative. Do not give (or create a website) to make money. Making money will be the side benefit of giving to others.

I hope that this information can help you the way that it is helping me. Some people are doing this without even being aware, and other people call them lucky. And people are starting to call me lucky. And they will call you lucky as well. We know different, but whatever lol.

Please leave comments in the comment box below and please share if you think this post can benefit someone that you know.

Until next time, happy blogging and follow me on Pinterest!

Irma πŸ™‚


Being The Person That You Want To Be

12 thoughts on “Being The Person That You Want To Be”

  1. I think your last comment – choose to serve others – is the most transformational. When you make other people a priority, it’s astonishing what sort of things begin to show up in your lap, all for you. What goes around truly does come around. Thanks for the inspiring messages!

    • Hi Penelope and thank you for visiting us today!

      I agree, and those astonishing things are the most amazing “happenings”. I love it!

      Irma πŸ™‚

  2. I believe that sometimes we take on to much and because of this we experience burn out but if we take the time and really not take life so seriously and learn how to smell the rose along the way but be happy with what we have but always dreaming and working towards what we see then life will take on a whole new meaning and we will accomplish what we desire to accomplish.

    • Hello Norman and thank you for visiting today!

      And well put! We do need to enjoy life, and I think enjoying life breathes new life into our vision for the future.

      Irma πŸ™‚

  3. This is lovely advice Irma. It’s refreshing to hear more people speak about gratitude and giving.
    I’ll be using your tips to have a successful year.

    • Thank you Vince and thank you for visiting today!

      Gratitude and giving have been the biggest instruments for helping me be clear on my vision for 2018! Best of luck to you as well.

      Irma πŸ™‚

  4. I really enjoyed reading your post. I love staying positive, energized, and motivated. I noticed that is is good for my health and it helps everyone around me to stay upbeat as well. I love hat you are doing here trying to help others see the same happiness and how it can help them improve in life.

    On the other hand negativity can cause stress and other health issues so, I agree with you on being happy, focusing on what you want you in life, choosing to serves others, and gratitude. Thank you for sharing this post…

    • Thank you for visiting today Lakisha, and thank you for your positive comments!!

      Irma πŸ™‚

  5. Hi Irma, and thanks for the uplifting post. I agree with you! Happiness, just like love, is an action word, not just a feeling. These are things we need to choose to work on. It’s not always easy, but that shouldn’t stop us from trying. We need to be “glass half full” people haha.
    Blessings on you,

    • Hello Suzanne and thank you for visiting us today!

      Yes, I find that it does take a bit of work. I have several pads of sticky notes with reminders to choose to focus on the results that I want, and I catch myself most times when I am silently criticizing other drivers in traffic.

      One of the side benefits, as if there aren’t tons, is that positive people attract more people to them. If you want to meet more people, just be the most positive and happy person wherever you go, and people will come to you!

      Irma πŸ™‚


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