Law Of Attraction and Goal Setting

Let’s make law of attraction and goal setting work together!

The Law of Attraction basically states that like attracts like. Whatever our predominant thought is, is what dictates our reality.

Negative thoughts attract negative circumstances (boo!), and positive thoughts attract positive circumstances (yay!).

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What is The Law of Attraction?

As mentioned above, the law of attraction states that like is attracted to like. For example, happy people attract other happy people to them.

The law of attraction is a type of self-help based on the idea that our emotions vibrate at a certain frequency, going up or down based on our feelings.

Good feelings = higher vibration. Low feelings = lower vibration.

Along with that, anything on the same vibrational frequency will be attracted to other things with the same vibration.

Therefore, if you want a higher vibration you will need more positive feelings.

Yes, it sounds “woo woo”. But it is based in reality. I am sure that you’ve noticed that if you wake up in a bad mood, that feeling brings down your vibration and you end up having a crappy day.

On the other hand, waking up happy and positive can bring green lights all the way to work and better parking spots.

I have done this multiple times, and sometimes I even chose the parking stall number! It was waiting for me in the parkade.

So how do we apply this to our daily lives?

The Law of Attraction and Goal Setting
PIN IT!! The Law of Attraction and Goal Setting

Law of Attraction and Manifestation

Law of Attraction and Money

Manifestation is the deliberate act of changing your vibration to attract what you want. While you may envision snapping your fingers and a brand new BMW appears, it is not that simple.

Consider if everyone was instantly manifesting everything. It would be chaos!

No, it is better to set some goals and think on whether what you want is really what you want. This will help you achieve success with that goal.

Do you want financial success? What have you done to get started?

This is the true test of whether you really want it or whether it’s just a day dream.

'A goal without a plan is just a wish' - Antoine de Saint-ExuperyClick To Tweet

The great thing about this whole process is that you learn what you really want.

As I have worked through my goals, I have realized that some things that I thought I wanted were not my dreams. The dreams belonged to others, like parents or friends, like “dream” jobs or lifestyles.

Once I realized this, I was better able to move forward and figure out what I want.

Law of Attraction and Being Positive

I wrote about setting goals, but there is another piece of this puzzle, and that is staying positive about what you want.

Remaining positive, regardless of what outward appearances look like, is the key to successfully attaining your goals.

If the goal is actually something that you want, it will excite you to think about achieving it. You will feel hopeful about it.

This excitement tends to raise your vibration, bringing you closer to alignment with it. When you have the correct positive vibration, you can manifest.

That doesn’t mean that the feeling of excitement automatically brings goals to fruition.

What it does mean is that you know so much about what you want and how you will feel when you have it.

That combination is so powerful that if you practice it often, whatever you want will appear because in your mind you already have it.

You already act like it’s yours so it will be.

Law of Attraction and Goal Setting

Many people who start affiliate marketing and/or blogging are hoping to earn money and create an income so that they can give up their jobs.

But you may not know how to set goals that are achievable. Let’s sort this part out using SMART (Specific, Measurable. Attainable, Relevance, Time-bound).

Specify Your Goals by Writing Them Down

Each goal must be written out clearly; if part of it is vague, then search out what it is that you really want.

An example goal is ” I will earn a full-time income with my blog to replace the income from my job”.

You can easily set the amount higher, but if you are new to Law of Attraction (LOA) and manifesting, that might be a challenge to imagine.

Ask yourself “if I could have anything in the world, what would I want?” and then ask yourself “why?”

Feel free to adapt your goals as your understanding of what you want changes. As you successfully achieve your goals, write up new ones.

Most of the things that we want i.e. a million dollars, are not so much about the money but the feelings that the money will give us.

I used to be a person who bought lottery tickets, hoping for that big win.

After I started really reading up on LOA, I realized that it was not the money that I really wanted per se, but the feeling of freedom.

Freedom from my 9-5 job, freedom to go anywhere and do anything whenever I wanted. Freedom.

Being free did not require a lottery win. What it did require was a change in my thinking.

I once read the goals of a successful online entrepreneur, that were stated as “I want to make money from anywhere in the world, while I am travelling”.

“I want to generate money no matter where I am”.

Those goals resonated with me, and I realized that what I read was what I wanted! So I set that goal, not knowing at the time how I would achieve it.

I did a lot of research on how that goal could be achieved, and settled on affiliate marketing, which can be done with a laptop from anywhere in the world.

Measuring The Success of Your Goals

How do I know if what I am doing is bringing me closer to my goals?

Well, how do you feel about it?

Are things lining up for you?

Or do you hit a wall with every move that you make?

You will know that you are in alignment with what you really want when you see that you are progressing down the path.

If every step you take allows you to see a little further down that path, then you are going in the right direction.

If you are not in alignment, then you must look at your goals again and search for what you really want.

Do you BELIEVE that your goal is attainable? If not, lower the bar. When you attain success, start to raise the bar a bit more.

Are you staying positive in the reality that you can have what you want? If not, try a reading positive thinking tips.

Another aspect of this is that sometimes as we are busy changing our lives, we find that fear moves into our hearts.

We can doubt that what we are doing is good for us.

We start to fear that we are making a big mistake.

This does not mean that we are not in alignment. I find that when this happens, it is a challenge from the universe on whether I really want what I say I want.

I find that it is best to just keep focusing on my goals and remain positive.

The last time this happened to me, I pushed through it with positive thinking, and had 2 sales the next day!


It is good to write out some of your goals in a backwards timeline, but also in the present tense.

For example:

In 5 years I am a millionaire.

3 years from now I am making $100,000.00 a year.

I am making $50,000.00 a year, one year from now

This month I will make $4000.00.

You can measure your success with this goal every month, which makes it easy to see how it can progress in 1 year.

If you earn only $3500.00 in the first month, would you consider this success or failure because you did not reach $4000.00?

Using the above goal, if you do not achieve $4000.00 a month, is there something that you can adjust to increase your income?

  • Is there some action that you can take?
  • Will a little tweaking bring you up to that goal or perhaps beyond?
  • And most importantly, is your goal realistic for you?
  • Can you really believe in this goal?

You may have to start with a goal that you believe is more attainable, and once successful with this goal it is easier to up the ante.

However, do not be afraid to set big, scary goals because this is how we grow; by learning that we are capable of much more than we (or others) think.

It is always up to us and our attitude about our goals that will show whether we will be successful or not.


We must keep adjusting our goals as things come into alignment with them.

As things happen, and we see the potential of how that will impact our lives, we can change what we want accordingly.

Visualize what you want. Immerse yourself in that visualization. See, touch, feel, smell whatever is going on around you, in your mind.

Soon, you will recognize the things you want, as well as things that you don’t want.

If you are having trouble deciding what you want, try writing down on the left hand side of a piece of paper, what you DO NOT want.

Then try writing on the right hand side whatever the opposite of that is for you, and then focus on that. Be as detailed as you can be with the items that you DO want.


-Abusive relationship

-9 to 5 job


-Loving, supportive, partner who inspires me to be myself and loves me for it! Someone who will bring me coffee in the morning!

-A job as a professional travel writer, seing the world for free or cheap and being paid full-time income for it.

Is It Time bound?

This is the easiest way to see if we are in alignment with our goals…how much success we are having with achieving any goal.

Write out your goals and then keep this “list” in a place where you can review it daily and monitor how things are going in your life.

If you are in affiliate marketing, this can be measured by whether you have an increase in the number of visitors to your site or whether you are getting any sales.

You can also measure this by how you feel on any given day.

  • Is your attitude more positive?
  • Do more people seem to gravitate to you because you seem to have become more…fun, happy, positive or just more?
  • Are more people asking for your advice?
  • Maybe you are no longer bothered by things that may have bothered you in the past?
  • Do you get better parking spots? Do you get more green lights?
  • Is unexpected money showing up for you?
  • Or other benefits, like people giving you tickets for sold-out events?


Sweet dreams are made from success!

If it seems that things are “going your way” then you are in alignment with the universe.

Keep track of these events and how you are reacting and keep testing which elements work the best for you.

As you learn how to make things work for you in your life, remember to share these tips with people who ask you why everything in your life is “suddenly” so great.

Because the best part of being successful is being able to share that success with others. No man (or woman!) is an island!

I hope that you have enjoyed this post, and please share it with anyone that you think can benefit from it. Our success benefits everyone! And sharing is caring πŸ™‚

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Happy blogging and follow me on Pinterest!

-Irma πŸ™‚

Law Of Attraction and Goal Setting

24 thoughts on “Law Of Attraction and Goal Setting”

  1. Setting goals are important! And when they’re “intentional” all the better. Aligning your attitude, gratitude, and intentional goals can manifest lots of great things in your life. You have offered awesome ideas that allows one to see whether or not things are measuring up for them. :o) Thanks for an awesome and inspiring post.

    • Awwwh Paula thank you! What an awesome thing to say, and yes great things happen when you put goals and gratitude together!

      Irma πŸ™‚

  2. Hello there =)

    I loved reading this post for ONE reason and that was that it resonated with me =D

    Feel as if you are already doing or having what it is you desire. How does it feel? Good right!

    This will put you in harmony and your thoughts, actions and attractions will change to support this feeling!

    • Hello Lawrence, and thank you for your comments!

      I searched everywhere for a way to make LOA more meaningful for me, and I found it! Feel Good and have clearly set intentions. Choosing goals that say “I am a successful affiliate marketer” is a simple way to feel this truth and have it become real in your life! And be grateful!

      Irma πŸ™‚

  3. Great post! I always write down my goals and place them in front of my bed so I can see them every time I wake up. I think that its really helpful! thank you so much for the information !

    • Excellent tip Javiera! Thank you for stopping by today!

      Irma πŸ™‚

  4. Hi, Irma! Thanks for sharing this useful information! I always knew about the law of attraction, but it seems that I forgot about it from time to time. Now I am doing something about it, and I am trying to be positive. Of course, it doesn’t always happen. πŸ™‚ In fact, I am sure that I wouldn’t be here if this law doesn’t work.
    Thanks again!

    • Hi Linda and thank you for stopping by today!

      I think it is more a matter of catching ourselves being negative and working to change that. And especially being hopeful about what we are doing in our lives, and not letting people bring us down. Positive feelings bring positive results!

      Irma πŸ™‚

  5. The peculiar thing about the Law of Attraction, is that it is always at work, whether you are aware of it or not. Our society likes to put a time frame on it, and if things do not manifest for them in a certain time period, they give up. They also want instructions on how to make it work. Do these instruction exist?

    • Hi Judith, and thank you for your question/comments,

      The only instructions that I know of that really, really work are to clearly set your intentions – but do not be too rigid in how the results will come to you (in other words do not tie the hands of the universe!), and to work on feeling good all the time. How positive you are, in general, is proportional to how rapidly the universe responds. It is important that you think about why you want what you want, and work on having those good feelings as often as you can in your life. Then the universe gets into alignment with you!

      Irma πŸ™‚

  6. Setting a realistic and attainable goal clearly defines what one wants to achieve in ones life. I like the point that one should stay aligned with his goal, making adjustments where necessary while still pushing forward to attain it. Very interesting post!

    • Hello Seth and thank you for your comments!

      I still find that big goals are kind of scary, so I keep working my way up to them!

      Irma πŸ™‚

  7. I love this post! I hope many people will come here and change their lives. Having a positive outlook is essential for success. What you put out in the world is what you will receive back, so staying positive is a win-win for everyone. We should all strive to be more positive, help each other, give back to our communities and become better all around humans. Thank you for writing an amazing post.

    • Hello and thank you for stopping in and for your lovely comments!

      It is my goal to help people, which I believe is at the heart of most peoples goals. Remaining positive is something that I actively work on, even saying a silent thank you when I get through a drive thru line quickly or get an appointment scheduled when it really works for me. It is a snowball effect of more good things coming my way!

      Irma πŸ™‚

  8. I love this article. Very inspirational with wise words of encouragement. I also completely agree with you. Negative thinking leads to a negative mindset which leads to very little productivity. With optimism, motivation, and dedication, you are bound to find success in the things you want most! Thanks for this great post! Writing goals are extremely important!

    • Hi Rob and thank you for your comments,

      I found this out recently when I was doing a return to work to see if I could work with my injury. Everyone was so cranky and negative, with lots of back biting. I realized that I was starting to get anxiety again! It was shocking. I have been off work for 4 months, and in that time I established this website with all of its posts. When I was back to work, I could not get into the head space to write and I was fortunate to have some back up ideas to help me get started. A positive attitude is the cure for what ails you!

      Irma πŸ™‚

  9. Hi Irma, I’ve become a student of the Law of Attraction a few months ago, after devouring everything I could find from Napoleon Hill, then included others like Jim Rohn and am just starting to follow Tim Ferris (who is like a modern-day Napoleon Hill). You’ve packed so much great advice here that anyone can put to use right away.

    I’ve long struggled with having a definite purpose other than what other people decided for me. But as Jim Rohn said, β€œIf you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much.”

    But better a late start than not at all, right?

    • Hi Laurie, and thank you for stopping by!

      It has been amazing to me how quickly things pull together when you clearly set your intentions and practice feeling good and being positive. I believe that we can change the world for the better with a positive attitude!
      Setting goals is something that you must do regularly, as your reach your goals and then write new ones! And do not be afraid to reach for the stars, setting goals so big that they scare you.
      I also do a round of tapping (EFT) while sitting in traffic. I do what is called the ho’oponopono, and I just tap wherever, sometimes just on my finger tips, while saying “Thank you” “Thank you” “Thank you for the blessings I have” “Thank you for the blessings I am receiving”, and I repeat whenever I can. I will say it silently while waiting in line, and the line seems to move more quickly. In traffic, I get all green lights, and better parking spots. Gratitude…who knew??

      Irma πŸ™‚

  10. I recently heard of this idea from a friend and now I’m hearing about it again. It’s funny how the universe works. Much like this post says. Begin first by giving of yourself and the rest will follow. Advice more entrepreneurs should hear and follow. Thank you!

    • Hi Neil and thank you for your comments!

      I am currently reading “Think and Grow Rich”, which is where many modern Law Of Attraction gurus got their ideas from. Napoleon Hill was mentored by Andrew Carnegie, and was influenced by Henry Ford, Thomas Edison and many other successful business men. The idea of clearly setting your intentions, purposefully feeling good, and giving to others will reward you with the realization of your dreams!

      Irma πŸ™‚

  11. I’ve actually been reading a lot on the Law of Attraction lately. There are a ton of different books and articles written about it by a lot of very successful people. It seems like anyone who has accomplished their big goals have utilized the power of the LoA either consciously, or unconsciously.

    The best piece of advice that I ever heard on it was to “keep your mind ON the things you want, and keep it OFF the things you don’t want.”

    • Hi Nick and thank you for stopping in!

      Yes, that is exactly correct. Focusing on the negative just brings more of it to us. I know that when things go wrong for me, part of it is a lack of faith in myself and what I can accomplish!

      Irma πŸ™‚

  12. Great post, tons of awesome information I know that your readers will love what you are sharing Your post is well detailed. It is just so amazing how the laws of attraction work. That why it is always good to become and remain positive because as you practice this you will be on the road to success.

    • Hello Norman and thank you for visiting,

      You are absolutely correct! Since I started working on being more positive, miracles are happening in my life and every part of my life is improving πŸ™‚

      Irma πŸ™‚


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