Pinterest Strategies

Pin895Share8Tweet903 SharesGreetings my fellow blogger and digital entrepreneur! Let us review the updated Pinterest strategies that you can use to start increasing your traffic today, straight from the people in the know – Pinterest! You may think that Pinterest is confusing or pointless but then you would be underestimating the reach that you can get … Read more

Create A Sales Funnel with Free Resources

Pin507Share8Tweet515 SharesCreate a sales funnel to monetize your blog. Sounds simple right? It is!  Affiliate programs may come and go, but your email list of loyal subscribers will stay with you forever! So how do you get people on your email list? You create a sales funnel using free resources. Then later on you create … Read more

How To Use Pinterest For Business

Pin608Share16Tweet624 SharesIf you want to increase your organic traffic, then look no further than Pinterest. Pinterest will drive traffic to your blog like nothing else. But you have to learn how to use Pinterest for business, which is different from your personal Pinterest account. I will walk you through the steps to setting up Pinterest … Read more

Earn Money Writing Reviews!

Pin196Share20Tweet216 SharesGreetings fellow affiliates! Do you want to earn money writing reviews? Part of having a website, blogging or otherwise, is helping your visitors out by writing product reviews for your niche, and earning money from it. You are providing a service for your readers as well as people who are searching the internet for … Read more

Real Estate Scams

Pin20Share6Tweet26 SharesLearn what you should be aware of regarding Real Estate scams this post in our series of scams – what to look for and what to avoid, and adding more information to our arsenal of tips to avoid being taken advantage of! In most cases, the home that you want to buy or rent … Read more

Get Rich Quick Scams

Pin10Share8Tweet18 SharesIn my last scam-related post, I talked about online dating scams. These are mostly younger men from areas of Africa, Malaysia, and parts of the Soviet Union. Many are men pretending to be women. They have one purpose…to woo you with words of love and get access to your money. Today we will look … Read more