Improve your email campaigns to achieve your goals!

Plan your email marketing promotions with this helpful tool, from beginning to end.


This planner will help you...


A step-by-step workbook to plan your email campaign

This planner is a guide that will help you do email marketing. It has 23 pages and it will help you with everything from finding who you want to send emails to, to getting people who haven’t opened your emails to become more interested. You only need one day to set it up and then you can use it over and over again for future email campaigns. It’s very easy to use!


Preparing email marketing campaigns for the first time can be complicated.

Use this planner to record your activities and replicate them for future promotions.

When I set up my first email funnel, I was so relieved to get it all done. I tested and re-tested until I had everything ‘just so’.

Months went by before I created a new optin funnel, but I could not remember everything I had done or where I had set things up at.

And because each funnel focuses on a different product, it also has a different audience and different needs.

This Email Marketing planner works to organize an email subscriber funnel from beginning to end. 

The planner is designed to walk you through the first steps to figuring out who you are promoting to, what to say, what to promote and how to track your results. It is perfect for beginner marketers.

Do things efficiently to reduce stress and stay calm.

Make your email marketing simple by creating a system that you can easily repeat.


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