Success Is A State of Mind

Pin500Share4Tweet504 Shares You cannot be a successful affiliate without a niche. If you are having troubles pinning down a good niche for yourself, perhaps you need to spend some time looking inside yourself, and accessing your intuition! These suggestions work equally well when you need inspiration with your content writing, as well as for general … Read more

10 Tips For Writing Interesting Content

Pin420Share2Tweet422 Shares “Quality content is giving your reader an engaging, interesting content with relevant media” Tip 1:  The first tip, and the most important one, is keyword research. Each page/post that you write will be based on one keyword or keyword phrase. Start with one keyword or long tail keyword associated with your first topic, … Read more

Keywords And What They Do

Pin828Share2Tweet830 Shares Keywords are words or phrases that people use to search in search engines. If I type Heritage Apples into Google, Heritage Apples are my keywords for the search. And Google will come back with about 5.5 million search results for my query. If Heritage Apples was my niche, I would have a lot … Read more