Get Rich Quick Scams

Pin10Share8Tweet18 SharesIn my last scam-related post, I talked about online dating scams. These are mostly younger men from areas of Africa, Malaysia, and parts of the Soviet Union. Many are men pretending to be women. They have one purpose…to woo you with words of love and get access to your money. Today we will look … Read more

Offer A Niche Mini-Course!

Pin80Share6Tweet86 SharesA niche mini-course is a way to entice your visitors to give you their email address in exchange for a series of emails offering them a variety of solutions for one of their problems within the niche. We have touched on other offers we can make to subscribers, but the mini-course utilizes previously published … Read more

Writing Effective Email Subject Lines

Pin240Share6Tweet246 SharesToday we talk about writing effective email subject lines. According to MailChimp “A successful email marketing campaign starts with a subject line that grabs the attention of your subscribers”. Well, that is all well and good, but if you have no experience with what your visitors want because you are new to email marketing … Read more

Add Your Lead Magnet to MailChimp!

Pin216Share10Tweet226 SharesThis is part four of my series of six steps to getting an email marketing campaign up and running with free tools! Yay…free is good! Part one is How to start an email marketing campaign using MailChimp Part two is How to create a lead magnet using Beacon (free) Part three is Create a … Read more

How To Create A Lead Magnet

Pin292Share4Tweet296 SharesPart One in this series is How to start and email marketing campaign. Lead magnets are those free gifts or promotional items that you give to visitors in exchange for their email address. Most savvy online shoppers will not give their email address to just anyone, and these days many will not give it … Read more

How To Start An Email Marketing Campaign

Pin148Share4Tweet152 SharesIn today’s post, we are going to set up an auto-responder, as well as create a list to put your subscribers in and write our first newsletter to send to them.  And we will create the “Sign Up” form for our website. This is our email marketing campaign! An auto-responder is a bit of … Read more