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If you answered YES to any of these questions, then it is time for you to start your first online business!

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E-commerce sales are expected to reach 5.5 trillion dollars in 2022, and many of the dollars are being made by home-based businesses that sell information products like eBooks or eCourses, affiliate products (promoting other peoples products), and coaching or 1-on-1 programs/ services.  You can have your own piece of the ecomm pie by creating an online business…and you should start today.

The Covid pandemic helped many people start doing more things online. Many who could not work signed up for eCourses and books to learn new things while they considered a career change. The courses they signed up for were being offered by people with home based businesses.

Do you have an idea that can help people live better lives while offering them the freedom to get results from home? Online business are a great way to teach others what you know, to help them solve their problems.

If people ask you a lot of questions about your hobbies or skills, you have the basis for an online business.

If you enjoy helping people to learn what you know, then you have the foundation for your business.


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When I first started researching online businesses, I found a lot of cheesy courses that were thin on information. Or I found highly expensive courses that were obviously “get rich quick” with no guarantee of any kind of success.

Let me help you save tons of  time by giving you solid information, in one place, to get you started on your own path for online success.

BONUS: Online Business Tech guide

This course will teach you about various types of tech that your online business needs to succeed. Learn about hardware, software, apps and worthwhile choices.

Included is a 15 page workbook to help you as you research your choices.

Also included is a handy split-page checklist of tools you need. 

A $36 value

Look, you could go around doing all the research yourself and struggle trying to find a solution, or you could simply download this guide today and save yourself all the time and hassle.

The choice is obvious.


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