About Me

My name is Irma, and 

I am A victim of workplace re-organization 🙁

I wish they had a 12 step program for people like me, but I have yet to find it. So I created my own, and you are looking at it!

My Mission Statement:

The me in About Me 🙂

To empower women of all ages to earn their own future and independence.

To teach anyone how to create multiple streams of income, online, using proven methods to create these streams.

To encourage everyone that freedom, success, and abundance are concepts that start in your mind.

To show people everywhere that there are more options to creating a life that you love than what you may be aware of.

To be “fearless”.

What is the “affiliate” in Fearless Affiliate?

It refers to affiliate marketing, which is a way to earn money online promoting other peoples products and gaining commissions for doing it. I fell in love with the idea of this from the get go. I hope that you have found your way here for the same reason.

When you go to a recipe site, and you see ads everywhere, then that website is earning income from ads. This is referred to as “passive income” because once you place that ad on your site, you can earn from it while you sleep.

When you go to a website, and they show Amazon ads for products related to the blog post (books, kitchen items, camping gear etc), this is called affiliate marketing, and if you buy the product (or products) the person promoting that item will get a commission.

These are legitimate ways to earn passive income, and there are many more. Showing you how all of the parts to this process work together is my aim with this website. Companies want affiliate marketers. They want you to promote their products on your website. They will pay you to do this.

Write blog posts promoting affiliate products and earn money for it = affiliate marketing.

Pretty much all websites have passive income opportunities within them for the website owner. You can be like they are; earning while you sleep. It does take a bit of time to set up, so do not quit your day job just yet.

But if the idea of ditching your 9-to-5 feels right to you, then you might want to get started today.

There are endless opportunities to earn not only passive income, but scalable income.

In other words, the more work you put in, the more income you can earn.

And no, it is not a get rich quick kinda thing.

You have to think of it as a business, because it is.

But do not try to start this business unless you know your “why”.

Here is a video that can help you to understand the concept of why you need a “why” to succeed.


You can create your own future

You can create your own job security

Like Henry Ford said “Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right” which means that if you are determined to succeed, you will.

I know that I am, so I will. And I will be happy to help you as well 🙂

Check out the tabs near the top of my website to find the information that you need on starting a blog, blogging for money, getting more visitors to your website (traffic), affiliate program reviews, and the ever important success  mindset.

I also have a new tab called Popular, which is my top 10 blog posts according to Google Analytics.

To access the free PDF guides in the Resource Library, sign up for my newsletter of weekly tips and free stuff links, as well as products that I have reviewed, used and that I think may help you in your blogging journey. I ONLY promote products that I believe in and love!

You can contact me by email at support@fearlessaffiliate.com

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Cheers and happy blogging! I am getting my Facebook group page ready to go and will update everyone soon!

Irma 🙂

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