All things traffic! Yay! Who doesn’t want more traffic? The best source of traffic is organic!

  1. Google Analytics Tutorial
  2. Create A Sales Funnel – This is the basis of successful affiliate marketing…the sales funnel.
  3. PINTEREST NINJA course – This is my review of the program that elevated my blog to the next level.
  4. How to use Pinterest for Business – Need help getting set up? I got that.
  5. Pinterest Strategies – The big updates from Pinterest in April of 2018, and what they mean.

Email Marketing with MailerLite – which I recommend to replace MailChimp, if you want to go to the next level.

  1. Getting Started: 6 steps to setting up MailerLite for visitors
  2. How to Increase Traffic on Your Blog – Creating opt-in forms to get traffic
  3. Achieve Your Blogging Goals with Free Email Automation – Start a relationship with people who will buy from you.
  4. How To Build An Email List Fast – Make your website an awesome place to visit.


Do you have email marketing set up? I’ve got you covered! Learn to use MailChimp, a simple and free program, to get started with email marketing.

  1. How to Start and Email Marketing Campaign
  2. How to Create A Lead Magnet
  3. Create A Cheat Sheet For Your Avatar
  4. Add Your Lead Magnet To MailChimp
  5. Writing Effective Email Subject Lines
  6. Offer a Niche Mini-Course!