This page is where I am going to link to useful tools that bloggers can use. I do not have individual blog posts about each of them, but many have already been listed in blog posts.

All-in-one blogging education

Wealthy Affiliate – Affiliate marketing education membership site – $49/month (yearly price available). Membership comes with free hosting, email, SSL,content creation with free stock images, and more. Grab the Black Friday deal and membership is only $25 a month for everything, plus a rockin’ community of members. You can host 25 domains on site, plus you will get 25 free sub-domains.

Review 1 about why I chose this program over others.

Review 2 on all the many benefits of being a member.

Pinterest Tools 

Each of these programs has its own merits, and I recommend them all for this reason. Pinterest values regular, daily pinning above all else, so use what you can.

Pinterest Ninja – *Recommended for those new to using Pinterest for website traffic* A Pinterest course, as well as how to use Facebook groups, Pinterest groups, branding for your website and a ton of other useful information to get you up and running with the best free source of blog traffic!

The section on creating pins is invaluable and will help you to get started on the right foot! My full review is here. $49

Pinteresting Strategies – Carly Campbell’s manual pinning system. Save money by not using a scheduler and get the same, if not better results. This is more of an intermediate course for people who already have the basics down (i.e you are using Pinterest for business, have rich pins, website is validated etc). Review coming soon. $32

Manual Pinning Simplified eBook – Kyla Sims manual pinning strategy that you can do on your phone! Grab that Pinterest traffic while you wait in line, cook dinner, or sit in traffic. Also an intermediate course. Review coming. $29

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing: The Missing Pieces – Another winner from Carly Campbell. If you are having trouble earning money with affiliate marketing, then try Carly’s course first! Review coming soon!


MailerLite – an awesome FREE email service provider for up to 1000 subscribers. Comes with landing pages, popups, embedded forms for opt-ins, automations for courses that you might create. My blog post on how to set it up is here.


Siteground – The most popular website hosting that is recommended the most by my blogging friends. Prices start at $3.95 a month (competitive!). Siteground has a reputation for faster page loading speeds and great customer service.


There are a ton of courses to help you get traffic. Some focus on Pinterest, some on SEO, and some are general tips that help your website.

Adventures In Blogging courses:

Traffic Transformation – 21 Strategies to improve your traffic. An awesome resource! $79

Blog Traffic Bootcamp – This little guide is 5 steps to fixing up old posts to help improve them for traffic. Highly recommended! Improved my traffic right away. $37

Free Blog Traffic Bonus Guide – It’s free! What can I say…grab it!

Blogging Education Bundles

BC Stack BundlesOnce a year, you can access a phenomenal amount of products for less money than even one of the products retails for. Limited time availability. My review is here. $37 and a bargain at that!

Content Creation

Create Quality Content Quickly – This course can help you learn the steps to creating content quickly so that you can move on to do other blog work or just live your life in general. My review is here. $57

Grammarly – Yes, the ads that you see on YouTube, but it works! If you like to write in Word before uploading to WordPress (that is what I do), then Grammarly is a great addition. Plus it has that whole plagiarism checker. And an extension for Chrome.

Great Helpers

Social Warfare – This plugin for WordPress makes sharing your blog posts on Pinterest and social media platforms much easier.

If you purchase the Pro version you can choose the graphics that will go out with your posts, create your tweets and everything right inside it. So worth $29 a year. Watch for sales!

A Prettier Web – My theme is the Boss Lady theme from this site and I love it for the announcement bar at the very top of the page and for the two spots that I can put a full length call-to-action opt-in form. It is worth it for that alone! $49

Creative Market – If you are not signed up here to get the newsletter and weekly free fonts and graphics…why not? Did I mention that it is free???

Pic Monkey – Photo editing software that works great to make banners for your blog posts and pins for Pinterest. Very affordable, but you can start off with a free 7 day trial!

Survey Sites to earn some free stuff

Shopper’s Voice – I have been doing surveys with SV since way back in the day. They always send out superior coupons and I have gotten tons of free stuff (mostly food items because I have no pets). I do their surveys often for great deals.

Pinecone Research – I found Pinecone about 10 or 12 years ago, and I love doing their surveys. I have tried a lot of products as well, so if you like to try out stuff for free be sure to check your surveys when it asks if you would be willing to try products.

They used to pay $5 per survey by check, but now you earn 300 points online per survey and you can redeem them for cash or prizes on the website.  This is NOT an affiliate program…I just really like it and you might too.