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We all need to start somewhere, and in this section I have all the stuff that is important to having a website that is friendly to visitors as well as search engines!

Website and Blogging Basics:

  1. What Is A Niche? – Well, what is a niche?? Find out whether your hobbies qualify!
  2. Finding a Niche That Works For You
  3. What is a Blog? – How an online journal evolved into a money making machine!
  4. Start Blogging with WordPress (2017) – The most popular platform for bloggin
  5. Copying vs Duplicate Content – Yes, there is a difference. Find out what that is in this post
  6. Google Analytics Tutorial – The basic information about who your website visitors are.
  7. A Simple Branding Tutorial – Learn how to use free Canva to create your online brand.
  8. Free Images For Your Website – Just like it says!
  9. Free Blogging Resources – Why spend money if you do not have to?

S.E.O- Search Engine Optimization is what will keep people coming to your website for years after you have written the content. A bloggers best friend is SEO.

Topics include:

  1. Keywords and What They Do – The number one best way to rank high with Google!
  2. Top 9 SEO Tips – A few things to keep your site ranking well.
  3. Top 3 SEO Mistakes – Watch out for these mistakes!
  4. Writing Effective Meta Descriptions – Using the characters that Google gives you wisely.
  5. Maintaining Your WordPress Website – Give visitors a pleasant viewing experience.
  6. Copying vs Duplicate Content (2017)– What is the difference?
  7. About Free WordPress Hosting – You get what you pay for. Why free is not always better.
  8. How to Buy a Webname (Domain) – Hint- buy from someone reputable!
  9. Backing up Your WordPress Website – On the off chance that something happens…
  10. Want a Super Successful Affiliate Website?

And my blog posts about writing blog posts!

  1. Creative Blog Post Ideas – I have a bunch for you…30 to be exact.
  2. 4 Reasons to Start Your Blog Now (2018) – There is no better time than Now!
  3. Creating Content – The meat and potatoes…creating blog posts.
  4. 10 Tips for Writing Interesting Content – We can never have too many ideas! Right?
  5. My First Year Blogging and What I have Learned  –
  6. Create Content Quickly – My review of the course Create Quality Content Quickly

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