Creating An Effective Sales Funnel

Pin605ShareTweet605 SharesCreate a sales funnel to monetize your blog? Sounds simple right? It is!  Affiliate programs may come and go, but your email list of loyal subscribers will stay with you forever! So how do you get people on your email list? You create a sales funnel using free resources and you only need a … Read more

Finding a Niche That Works For You!

Pin350Share12Tweet362 SharesToday we will be talking about finding a niche that works for you. What do I mean by that? Just that some niches are easier to make money with, like personal finance. Consider adding a money making niche to your website to boost your income while helping your visitors. That way you can write … Read more

What Makes A Successful Website?

Pin139Share22Tweet161 SharesWhat makes a successful website? One word… You will be joining the estimated 20% of all bloggers doing the same. WordPress is popular for good reason: it’s self-hosted, compatible with most plugins, and simple to use. But the best reason is also one word…monetization. This post was originally published February 27th, 2017 and has … Read more

30 Creative Blog Post Ideas for New Bloggers

Pin1KShare8Tweet1K SharesToday I have 30 creative blog post ideas for you. Sometimes it’s nice to have some fresh ideas Sometimes new bloggers get stuck in a rut, writing just a certain way. This is fine in the early days when there is much to learn and your brain is frazzled. However, you can easily switch … Read more

Google Analytics Tutorial

Pin2KShare20Tweet2K SharesThis Google Analytics tutorial was created for beginners. I will help you get set up and find the important metrics for your blog or website so that you can start gathering crucial data. Knowing who visits, where they came from, and what they looked at on your site is important information. Use this info … Read more