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  1. How To Start A Blog and Make Money Online – This is a roundup of my posts on starting a blog.
  2. Start Affiliate Marketing Today – If you are interested in affiliate marketing, start here.
  3. How To Find Affiliate Products – Learn how to spot a good affiliate network!
  4. How To Promote Affiliate Products – Strategies to help you promote your products.
  5. Top 10 Internet Marketing Strategies – Try these 10 tips to improve your conversions and sales.
  6. Affiliate Marketing for Beginners – Not sure about this whole affiliate marketing thing?
  7. 5 Ways to Make $500 a Week! – Try one or try them all!
  8. How to Monetize Your WordPress Website or Blog – 6 creative ideas for multiple streams of revenue!

Pinterest for Traffic

Pinterest is by far the best way to gain organic traffic quickly for your blog. If you have not started using this visual search engine, then I suggest that you start today with my post on How to use Pinterest for Business (below).

  1. PINTEREST NINJA course – This is my review of the program that elevated my blog to the next level (review post)
  2. How to use Pinterest for Business – Need help getting set up? I got that.
  3. Pinterest Strategies – The big updates from Pinterest in April of 2018, and what they mean.
  4. Simple Branding Tutorial – Learn to use Canva, a free program that you can also use to create pins for Pinterest.
  5. How To Get Blog Traffic from Pinterest – Steps to take to ensure that traffic comes from Pinterest to your blog.
  6. Start Pinning with Pinterest – How to get started setting up boards on your profile and pinning to them.
  7. Manual Pinning Simplified – The easiest manual pinning system…ever! (review post)
  8. How I recovered my Pinterest Analytics – They took a dive, but I recovered them!


  1. Google Analytics Tutorial – A brief tutorial to help you find the most important info for your blog.
  2. Create A Sales Funnel – This is the basis of successful affiliate marketing…the sales funnel.
  3. Avoid Summer Slump – Website traffic may be slow, but it is still out there. Get to work!

Where to find Products to Promote

  1. How To Choose An Affiliate Program – Amazon Associates? ShareASale? Private affiliate programs? Huh?
  2. Get Started With Clickbank! – The top website of digital affiliate products.
  3. Ultimate Bundles Genius Bloggers Toolkit – Ultimate Bundles products that you can buy and promote!
  4. Ultimate Bundles Ultimate Work at Home Bundle – until June 30/18
  5. BC Stack Bundle – Available until July 13, 2018. Another awesome set of blogging products that has an affiliate program.

Ways to promote affiliate products

  1. Earn Money Writing Reviews – People love reading reviews, so help them out and gain traffic as well.
  2. How To Start A Blog and Make Money Online – A roundup of my posts on all the aspects of getting started.
  3. 13 Online Passive Income Opportunities – Get started today!
  4. 13 Online Passive Income Opportunities pt.two – Yes, even more ideas.


  1. Get Paid To Work At Home – What I am doing and why and how you can as well!
  2. Can I Do Affiliate Marketing Without A Website? – Sure, but how? Read all about it in this post.
  3. Free Blogging Resources – Who doesn’t like free?
  4. Books To Read To Get Rich – Change your mind, change your life!
  5. Try before you buy or money back guarantee? – Learn to spot scammy programs
  6. Start Affiliate Marketing Today! – Get started with the easiest form of passive income.
  7. How To Find a Blogging Mentor – Because we all need a little help sometimes

Other ways to earn passive income

  1. 17 Passive Income Strategies – Earn extra money with some of these ideas you can do in real life

Images and Website Branding

  1. A Simple Branding Tutorial – Learn how to use free Canva to create your online brand.
  2. Free Images For Your Website – Just like it says!
  3. Free Blogging Resources – Why spend money if you do not have to?

Email Marketing with MailerLite

Email Marketing with MailerLite – A free Email Service Provider, which I recommend highly and I currently use. MailerLite is comparable to the more expensive ESP’s but is free for your first 1000 subscribers.

  1. Getting Started: 6 steps to setting up MailerLite for visitors
  2. How to Increase Traffic on Your Blog – Creating opt-in forms
  3. Achieve Your Blogging Goals with Free Email Automation – Start a relationship with people who will buy from you.
  4. How To Build An Email List Fast – Make your website an awesome place to visit.
  5. 7 Day Auto-Responder Audit – A free 7 day email course to help improve open rates

Email with MailChimp

When I first set up email, I went with free MailChimp and I wrote these tutorials for using it. The information is still valid, but I use MailerLite now.

  1. How to Start and Email Marketing Campaign – Getting started with MailChimp
  2. How to Create A Lead Magnet – Creating an opt-in incentive with Beacon
  3. Create A Cheat Sheet For Your Avatar – Do you know who you are writing for?
  4. Add Your Lead Magnet To MailChimp – Connect your opt-in to MailChimp
  5. Writing Effective Email Subject Lines – How to get more opens
  6. Offer a Niche Mini-Course! – An awesome freebie!


  1. Top 9 SEO Tips – A few things to keep your site ranking well.
  2. Top 3 SEO Mistakes – Watch out for these mistakes!
  3. Writing Effective Meta Descriptions – Using the characters that Google gives you wisely.
  4. Maintaining Your WordPress Website – Give visitors a pleasant viewing experience.
  5. Copying vs Duplicate Content (2017)– What is the difference
  6. Backing up Your WordPress Website – On the off chance that something happens…
  7. Google Analytics Tutorial – The basic information about who your website visitors are.

Success Mindset & Goal Setting

Whether you think you can or think you can’t…you’re right! – Henry Ford

Do or do not. There is no try – Yoda

  1. Success Is A State of Mind – A positive mindset is crucial to successful blogging.
  2. Creating Your Best Year Ever! – Part One of a three part series.
  3. Steps To Success – Part Two of Three
  4. Being The Person That You Want To Be – Part Three of my three part series on success thinking.
  5. 5 Things I Have Learned From Think And Grow Rich – From the classic Napoleon Hill book
  6. How To Change Your Mind Set – Yes, you can change your success thinking!
  7. Poverty Mindset – Can you think yourself rich?
  8. Books To Read To Get Rich – Change your mind, change your life!
  9. How To Set Goals In 5 Easy Steps – Use the SMART acronym to create and achieve goals.
  10. The Top 3 Habits of Successful People – Get your habits together to create success.
  11. Clearing Clutter To Increase Productivity – A tidy work-space equals a tidy mind!
  12. Work Smarter…Do The Worst Job First – Once that worst job is done, the rest is easier!
  13. Law of Attraction and Goal Setting – Like attracts like…so what are you thinking??
  14. Learn To Say No! Without Feeling Guilty – Take charge today!

Posts on How To Start A Blog

Choose a niche

  1. What Is A Niche? – You need one for your blog
  2. Finding a Niche That Works For You – Some ideas for you

Purchase a Domain and Hosting

  1. How to Buy a Webname (Domain) – Hint- buy from someone reputable!
  2. About Free WordPress Hosting – You get what you pay for. Why free is not always better.

**Some links will link directly to an affiliate sales page. If you click a link and purchase something, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you. This helps to fund my blog, so thank you! **

RecommendedSiteground – The most popular website hosting that is recommended most often by my blogging friends. Prices start at $3.95 a month (competitive!). Siteground has a reputation for faster page loading speeds and great customer service.

Recommended: NameCheap – Grab a domain name for your new website from NameCheap. They have top domains for as low as .88. Whenever possible, try to get a .com domain as most people type in .com automatically when searching on the internet.

Choose a blogging platform

  1. What is a Blog? – How an online journal evolved into a money making machine!
  2. Start Blogging with WordPress (2017) – The most popular platform for blogging
  3. Want a Super Successful Affiliate Website? – Why your blogging platform matters.
  4. Why Blogging is Important for Businesses – Why does your website need a blog?