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This is where I will be putting all the information on finding and using affiliate programs, and any other ways to earn that sweet cash with your computer or mobile phone. Will also include other passive income opportunities.

  1. Get Paid To Work At Home – How I am doing it and how you can as well!
  2. Earn Money Writing Reviews – People love reading reviews, so help them out and gain traffic as well.
  3. Get Started With Clickbank! – The top website of digital affiliate products.
  4. How To Choose An Affiliate Program – Amazon Associates? ShareASale? Private affiliate programs
  5. Can I Do Affiliate Marketing Without A Website? – Sure, but how? Read all about it in this post.
  6. Simple Branding Tutorial – Brand your website with this awesome and easy-to-use free graphic design program
  7. Google Analytics Tutorial – Learn to use the most basic aspects of GA to figure out who your audience really is!
  8. Create A Sales Funnel – How visitors turn into customers for your website.
  9. Wealthy Affiliate University Review – The benefits of membership at Wealthy Affiliate. Learn to blog right!
  10. Free Blogging Resources – Who doesn’t like free?
  11. Books To Read To Get Rich – Change your mind, change your life!
  12. 17 Passive Income Strategies – Earn extra money with some of these ideas you can do in real life
  13. 13 Online Passive Income Opportunities pt.one – Get started today!
  14. 13 Online Passive Income Opportunities pt.two – Yes, even more ideas.

Pinterest is used to drive traffic to your blog and it is amazing for this! Learn all about it

  1. Pinterest Ninja Course – Start using Pinterest to drive traffic to your website with this helpful course.
  2. How To Use Pinterest For Business – Switch your personal account to business to access Pinterest analytics!
  3. Pinterest Strategies – The April 2018 update to Pinterest and all that you need to know about it.

Setting up email with MailerLite series:

  1. How to Use MailerLite – Get started with a free and easy to use email program!
  2. How to Increase Traffic on Your Blog – Boost your traffic with embedded sign up forms.
  3. Achieve Your Blogging Goals with Free Email Automation – You can achieve blogging goals with email marketing

Bundles of blogging products for cheap! Take note that most of these may have expired, but different packages are offered every year. Read the posts to see what amazing deals these bundles are and how much money they can save you.

  1. Genius Bloggers Toolkit flash sale May 14 & 15, 2018  
  2. Ultimate Bundles Ultimate Work at Home Bundle – until June 30/18
  3. BC Stack Bundle – Available until July 13, 2018

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